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Fan speed controller | day-night function | TK monitoring | 7,5 A

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Category Advanced fan speed control - TK monitoring - high-low speed
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Product description

This controller has two speeds for single-phase motors with thermal contacts (TK). The maximum motor current (combined) is 7,5 A.

This controller has two distinct 5-step switches for selecting between two ideal fan speeds. When the motor is turned on, a dry contact input may be used to switch between the two speeds.

In the event of overheating, the TK monitoring feature shuts the motor. The motor will automatically resume after a power outage. The alarm and unregulated outputs can be used to operate external devices in order to produce alerts or validate normal operation.

The fan speed is controlled by lowering the motor voltage using autotransformers. This technique produces an output voltage with a perfect sinusoidal form, ensuring silent motor running.

The enclosure is surface mountable and provides IP54 protection against dirt, dust, and moisture entry.

Additional specifications and description

Series overview

The SC2A1 series is a simplified fan speed control solution. It features two built-in knobs on the enclosure for setting two optimal fan speeds. These speeds can be used to adjust ventilation based on day and night temperatures, resulting in energy savings and improved comfort. This series offers a versatile, reliable and easy way to control fan speeds using transformer-based technology.

Transformer-based technology
The fan speed controllers in this series use transformer-based technology to regulate the speed of AC voltage controllable motors. Transformer-based controllers are durable, can withstand harsh conditions, and are easy to install and operate. They offer stepped control for adjusting motor speed based on user requirements. These controllers contribute to energy efficiency by optimizing power consumption and minimizing waste. They provide a cost-effective solution for motor speed control. They generate less noise during operation, making them suitable for noise-sensitive environments. What is more, they have a long service life with proper maintenance.

Special features

The series allows users to select two optimal motor speeds for different operating conditions, typically day and night control. Motor speeds can be switched using a dry contact input connected to a timer/clock. This feature enables both energy savings and increased comfort by adjusting motor speed based on specific needs.

Indicator lights

The enclosure of the unit has two indicator lights:
- A green light indicates that the transformer controller is in operation.
- A red light indicates that thermal protection (TK protection) has been activated.

Thermal motor protection
The series features an input for connecting motor thermal protection. If the motor has this feature, it can be connected; otherwise, the input needs to be bridged.

Alarm output
An alarm output (230 VAC) is activated in case of motor problems, such as overheating. It can generate alerts and control warning lights. The TK monitoring function disables the motor to prevent further damage when the alarm output is activated.

Normally open and normally closed inputs
The series has both normally open and normally closed inputs for remote motor control. The motor can be remotely enabled or disabled using these inputs.
For instance, a smoke alarm connected to the normally closed input will disable the motor in case of a smoke alarm event.

Unregulated output

The fan speed controllers have an unregulated output with a maximum current of 2 A. An unregulated output does not maintain a constant voltage, unlike a regulated output. The unregulated output is active while the motor is in operation. The unregulated output is used to control external devices such as dampers, relays, run indicators, etc. that can work without the need to regulate the incoming voltage. So the controller regulates the fan through the so called “regulated output” (M and N terminals) via controlling the voltage with the option to regulate another device. But this time the voltage is “unregulated”, i.e. either 0 V or 230 V and is connected to N and L1. 

terminal block and connections of SC2A1

Enclosure specifics

Enclosures are vital for protecting electronics from external factors. The SC2A1 series enclosures are made from r-ABS (reinforced Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) with a VO flame-retardant rating. This material is fire-resistant and the enclosure is designed for surface installation. The material is reinforced for enhanced mechanical properties, improved fire safety, and reduced flammability. The protection class of the enclosure is IP54, indicating resistance to dust and water ingress.

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