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Front view right, global with duct fitting part
Front view right, global with duct fitting part
Front view, global with duct fitting part
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Duct temperature | humidity sensor, 24 VDC

Product description

This is a duct transmitter for HVAC applications. It measures temperature and relative humidity. The supply voltage is 24 VDC. The measured values are transmitted via three analogue outputs and via Modbus RTU communication. The output type is selectable: 0-10 VDC / 0-20 mA / 0-100 % PWM. All settings can be adjusted via Modbus RTU.

Article code DSTHF-3
GTIN 5401003017685
Category Duct temperature and humidity sensors
Current stock 39 U.

Additional specifications and description

Optimised for air ducts
This HVAC transmitter measures temperature and relative humidity in air ducts. Based on these measurements, the dew point is calculated. This sensor will function best if it is installed in a straight section of the air duct. Avoid installation in turbulent air zones nearby filters, fans, cooling coils, etc. Position the sensor correctly with respect to the airflow direction. Please consult the mounting instructions for more detailed information.

How does it work?
This sensor has three analogue outputs. Each of them transmits one of the measured values. E.g. by default, output 1 will transmit 0 V at 0 °C and 10 V at 50 °C. Each output value varies proportionally in function of the measured temperature or relative humidity. By default, the measured temperature is available via output 1 and the relative humidity via output 2. Output 3 is deactivated by default, but can also transmit temperature or relative humidity. 

Easy to connect!
The cage clamp terminal blocks reduce wiring and installation time. They eliminate the need for routine maintenance and guarantee a reliable contact for solid or stranded wires.

Easy to use!
This sensor doesn't require any configuration. Once installed, it is ready to use. The default settings will do for most applications. If necessary, the settings can be adjusted via Modbus RTU. For example, a different output type can be selected to make it compatible with other devices: 0-10 VDC / 0-20 mA / 0-100 % PWM / Modbus RTU. The Modbus register map provides a complete overview of all adjustable settings.

High quality
This HVAC transmitter is manufactured in Europe. Each sensor is calibrated and tested in our factory. We use sensor elements and components of high quality. This ensures the long-term stability and accuracy of this HVAC transmitter.