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Distribution box | DIN rail | 3,3 V converter

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GTIN 0.540.100.300.079.3
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Category Distribution boxes for Modbus RTU and power supply
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Product description

This is a distribution box for Modbus RTU communication and supply voltage used to interconnect Sentera devices. It has 10 channels for 24 VDC powered devices and 12 channels for 3,3 VDC powered devices.

Modbus RTU communication and 24 VDC supply voltage is transmitted via the RJ45 sockets. Modbus RTU communication and 3,3 VDC supply voltage is transmitted via the RJ12 sockets.

If an external 24 VDC power supply is connected to one of the RJ45 sockets, a supply voltage of 3,3 VDC will be available via the RJ12 sockets. The 3,3 VDC supply voltage is automatically derived from the 24 VDC supply voltage.

Additional specifications and description

10x RJ45 sockets
An RJ45 socket, also known as an RJ45 jack or connector, serves as a standardized physical interface employed for establishing connections between Ethernet cables and various network devices. This connector type is widely recognized and utilized in both residential and commercial settings, making it the predominant choice for Ethernet connections. Furthermore, it adheres to the established standard when connecting Sentera's Power over Modbus RTU devices.
The designation "RJ45" is derived from "Registered Jack 45," denoting the wiring standard associated with this connector. It comprises eight pins and is purpose-built for transmitting data and power via twisted pair cables. RJ45 sockets offer a practical and dependable solution for linking devices to a Modbus network, ensuring seamless connectivity within diverse networking environments. distribution box for Modbus
This Mobus RTU distribution box offers ten RJ45 sockets. These RJ45 sockets are internally connected (parallel connection). Via the RJ45 sockets, Sentera devices with 24 VDC power supply can be interconnected - PoM connection. Via the Sentera PoM connection, both Modbus RTU communication and 24 VDC power supply are distributed via a single UTP cable with an RJ45 connector. An external 24 VDC power supply is required. This distribution box simplifies wiring and connection of Sentera devices. Simply insert the UTP cable with an RJ45 connector into the socket until it clicks into place. The connector's eight pins will make contact with the corresponding pins inside the socket, establishing a secure physical connection. This allows both data to be transmitted and received between devices and 24 VDC power supply to be distributed.
12x RJ12 sockets
An RJ12 socket, also referred to as a 6P6C socket, serves as a physical interface primarily employed for linking telephone cables. Its appearance bears a resemblance to an RJ45 socket, although it features a smaller number of contact points. The nomenclature "RJ12" is an abbreviation for "Registered Jack 12," and it is engineered to accommodate a maximum of six wires or contact points. Nevertheless, it is commonly utilized with 6P4C (6-position, 4-contact) wiring, meaning that it offers six positions for wires, but typically only four of these contacts are utilized.
RJ12 sockets establish a secure physical connection, facilitating the transmission of both data signals and a 3,3 VDC power supply distribution. To use it, you simply insert a cable fitted with an RJ12 connector into the socket until it audibly clicks into place. Inside the socket, the four contacts engage with their corresponding counterparts on the plug, thereby establishing a connection for transmitting signals.
The twelve RJ12 sockets can be used to interconnect Sentera devices with 3,3 VDC power supply. Modbus RTU communication and 3,3 VDC supply voltage is distributed over the connected devices via the RJ12 sockets. The 3,3 VDC supply voltage is derived from the 24 VDC supply on the RJ45 sockets. In case there is no external 24 VDC power supply connected to the RJ45 sockets, there will be no 3,3 VDC available neither. The combined current consumption of all connected devices must not exceed 1,5 A (3,3 VDC and 24 VDC devices combined).
Maximum cable length
A Modbus RTU network should have a line topology. The maximum length of the main line is approximately 1.000 m. The combined length of all branch lines should not exceed 20 m. The length of the main line can be increased via Modbus repeaters. Consult our Modbus RTU installation guide for more information about Modbus RTU communication.
Solid enclosure
The enclosure is made of top-grade r-ABS VO (UL94) plastic, which is fire-retardant, highly durable, and provides effective protection against impacts. It provides IP20-rated protection against dust and water intrusion and is suitable for mounting on a DIN rail.

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A very simple and handy item for Modbus RTU cabling with RJ45 connectors.
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