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Ambient temperature | wall temperature | humidity sensor | PoM supply

Article code RWTHM-2
GTIN 0.540.100.301.158.4
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Category Room temperature and humidity sensors
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Product description

This room transmitter is used to measure the temperature of the walls. It measures the ambient temperature, relative humidity, and light level in addition to the wall temperature. The dew point is calculated using the temperture and humidity measurements.

The power supply is 24 V DC PoM. This means that one RJ45 connector can connect Modbus RTU communication and a 24 V DC power supply. Modbus RTU communication is used to transmit the measured values.

The ambient light sensor can be used in many applications to control the ventilation system based on the occupancy of the room. Modbus RTU can be used to change all of the settings. The light intensity of the LEDs used for status indication can also be adjusted.

Additional specifications and description

Why is it necessary to measure temperature and relative humidity?
This sensor not only measures the ambient temperature and relative humidity, but also the wall temperature. This information makes it possible to estimate the risk of condensation very accurately. Temperature and relative humidity have a direct impact on residents' sense of well-being and comfort. Dry skin and itchy eyes are caused by dry air. Excessive relative humidity causes condensation to form on windows, walls, and ceilings that are colder than the air temperature, potentially damaging building materials and causing odours in poorly ventilated spaces. By measuring the temperature of the wall, the risk of condensation formation can be calculated more accurately.

How does it function?
This sensor measures the temperature of the wall, the ambient temperature, the relative humidity, and the level of light in the room. The dew point is calculated using the temperature and humidity measurements. The LED indicators provide a clear visual indication of the current temperature. The green LED indicates that the temperature is within the acceptable range. The yellow LED illuminates when the temperature enters the alert range. Red denotes extreme heat or cold. The LEDs can also be used to display relative humidity. Modbus RTU provides access to the measured temperature, relative humidity, dew point, and ambient light level.

Temperature sensor for wall mountingInstallation time is reduced
This RWTHM-2 can be connected with just one RJ45 connector. Power over Modbus, or PoM, connects Modbus RTU communication and a 24 V DC power supply via a single cable. Modbus RTU communication makes all measured values available. To facilitate wiring, we recommend using Sentera 24 V DC power supplies with RJ45 connectors. These power supplies provide short-circuit, overload, and overvoltage protection. A supply voltage of 24 V DC improves the safety and reliability of your installation.

Easy to use
This sensor requires very little setup. It is almost immediately ready to use after installation. Temperature and relative humidity are frequently affected by region and season. During installation, these parameters are still set to the correct values. The other default settings should be sufficient for most applications. If necessary, they can be adjusted using the respective Modbus registers
High quality
This HVAC transmitter was made in Europe. In our factory, each sensor is calibrated and tested. We use high-quality sensor elements and components. This ensures the HVAC transmitter's long-term stability and accuracy. The enclosure is dust and moisture resistant to IP30 standards. It can be mounted on a wall or a surface indoors and should be kept out of direct sunlight to ensure peak performance.

Monitoring indoor air quality

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Na tuose jutikliuose bent jau jungtį galima prakišti nereikia pirma laidą prakišt paskui presuot.
Capteur intelligent qui détecte la température et point humide. Son intérêt est qu'il peut-être ajusté à distance grâce au modbus RTU. Facile pour la supervision
Jean-Marie Colin
Bonjour Jérôme, Nous vous remercions pour votre retour positif. Le transmetteur que vous mentionnez s'inscrit parfaitement dans la stratégie de Sentera visant à permettre la gestion à distance de ses équipements. Bien à vous.
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