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HVAC control solutions

Sentera is a Belgian manufacturer of HVAC control solutions. We offer a wide range of products, including speed controllers, sensors, controllers and targeted solutions. Our products are intelligent, innovative and easy to use, and can be adapted to your needs. With more than 25 years of experience, we are a strong international player. We work together with customers from different sectors. Quality, reliability and customer focus are our core values.

Product range
Aspiring to be amongst the world leaders in the HVAC industry, we continuously improve and update our rich and still growing range of products, which currently comprises:
  HVAC controllers
  HVAC transmitters and sensor controllers
  Transformer fan speed controllers 
  Variable fan speed controllers 
  Control switches and potentiometers 
  Power supplies 
  Electric heater controllers
  Modbus RTU network and configuration tools
  Switch connectors
  Motorised dampers 
  HVAC accessories

The electronic components being the brain of an HVAC system control it in any weather, all year long in order to provide your comfort and create your perfect environment. To improve your indoor air, we develop reliable HVAC devices that are cost-effective and have a long service life at the same time.
Our time-tested, high quality products are what your smart HVAC system needs in order to deliver energy saving and enhanced operational efficiency based on demand-controlled ventilation. Compared to constant airflow and temperature, you can save about half of heating and cooling energy while achieving great indoor air quality and lower operating costs. 
Latest HVAC trends
From sophisticated controllers, through a variety of sensors to configuration tools, our wide but still ever-expanding and continually updated product range offers flexible and economical solutions for your HVAC system. 
The evolution towards smart HVAC systems is a noteworthy development in the industry. The integration of digitalization, intelligent sensors and remote control in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems brings about significant improvements in comfort, efficiency, and sustainability within buildings.
The utilization of HVAC data is particularly commendable, enabling remote commissioning, predictive maintenance and optimization of HVAC systems. The focus on creating intelligent solutions for Building Management Systems and cloud-based platforms underscores the commitment to providing actionable insights and real-time data for informed decision-making in building performance.
The emphasis on energy efficiency aligns with the broader goal of reducing environmental impact, alleviating strain on local grids and minimizing day-to-day operational costs for building owners. Additionally, the attention to enhancing indoor comfort, where people spend a substantial portion of their time, further highlights the holistic approach towards creating smart and sustainable environments.
As professionals in the HVAC electronics sector, staying abreast of such advancements is crucial for navigating the dynamic landscape of the industry. That is why you now you have the power to control your HVAC system virtually from any part of the world thanks to the SenteraWeb Cloud platform. 

Why Sentera?
Dedication:  Our focus is on the development and production of top-tier products. Sentera's R&D team consistently introduces cutting-edge devices designed to improve indoor climates and achieve energy efficiency. Continuously, we work towards enhancing comfort in residential, public and industrial buildings, all while ensuring increased profitability.

Personal attitude:  To us, the feedback of our customers is of crucial importance. We consider each customer’s opinion in order to develop unique products and meet our customers’ needs. 

Customer orientation: Our Sales team dedicated to strong relationships with customers, understanding their unique needs, and offering tailored solutions. We prioritize clear communication and responsiveness to ensure that our customers receive the support they require in a timely manner. Our commitment to short delivery times is backed by efficient logistics and supply chain management, allowing us to meet the demands of the HVAC markets worldwide. 

Reliability and precision: Our feature-rich hardware cost-effectively addresses all project needs and simplifies wiring and installation. We follow the latest trends in order to achieve accurate and dependable control over your HVAC system.

Simplicity and flexibility: Our products are designed to be versatile, fast and above all – easy to use! What’s more, our software and Cloud platform are extremely user-friendly and provide unrivalled simplicity in setup and monitoring from any corner of the world. 
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