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Light grey enclosure, blue front label, power supply cable, temperature sensor and two potentiometers

Temperature based fan speed control (15 - 35 °C) - Plug & play

Fan speed controller for temperature control (ventilation-cooling) with a single phase voltage controllable fan (230 VAC / 50-60 Hz). Temperature range: 15 - 35 °C. Integrated PT500 temperature sensor with 4 m cable, internal trimmer to adjust the maximum speed and external potentiometers for temperature set point and minimum speed. Illuminated ON/OFF button. Supply voltage: 230 VAC / 50-60 Hz, output current max. 6 A, IP54. Schuko socket for simple motor connection.

Temperature based fan speed control (Imax 10 A)
0 U.
4 Week(s)

- PT500 temperature probe input (pre-wired for the DT version and separately available for the DM version)

- Potentiometer for temperature setpoint range: 5—35 °C or 15—35 °C, depending on the product version

- Potentiometer for minimum speed setting

- Internal trimmer for maximum speed setting

- Adjustable hysteresis and proportional range

- Enclosure: RABS V0, grey (RAL7035)

- Modbus RTU communication (only in -DM version)

- Schuko socket for motor connection (only in -DT version)

- Euro plug for power supply (only in -DT version)

- Pre-wired temperature sensor and supply cable (only in -DT version)

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