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Variable fan speed controller for DIN rail - 2,5 A

Article code DRY-1-25-AT
GTIN 0.540.100.300.186.8
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Category Low to high fan speed controllers for DIN rail
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Product description

The electronic fan speed controller from the DRY series is a DIN rail-mounted electronic controller designed for single-phase voltage controllable motors.
It allows for manual adjustment of the motor voltage using a rotary knob, providing an output voltage variation from 60 to 230 VAC.
Maximum motor current of 2.5 A.

The rotary knob facilitates the regulation of the output voltage from minimum to maximum, including an OFF position. The minimum speed can be fine-tuned through a trimmer.
A green LED indicates the operational status.

The DIN rail mounting, compliant with the DIN EN 50022 standard, ensures easy integration into standardized installations.

The DRX series provides low-to-high output regulation and allows for minimum output voltage adjustment, catering to specific ventilation application needs.

Additional specifications and description

About the series
Sentera’s DRY series are electronic fan speed controllers that are manually operated. They are a simplified ventilation control solution. Via a single button – the potentiometer on the enclosure front - the fan speed can be set from low to high by turning the potentiometer clockwise. Turning the pot anticlockwise stops the motor. 
This fan speed controller is intended for mounting onto a DIN rail inside an equipment racks – the perfect solution for industrial control equipment. DIN rails are metal rails complying with industry standards and are used to mount industrial processing equipment. DIN rail mounted electronics are becoming increasingly popular in industrial applications across a wide range of industries. 

OFF position
The DRY features an OFF position, i.e. turning its potentiometer anticlockwise stops the motor. However, if necessary, the OFF position can be deactivated. In this case, the motor can operate when the controller is connected to the mains, i.e. despite being switched off, if power supply is available, the fan will be working. As standard, the supply voltage to the DRY is connected via terminals L and N. To disable the OFF position, you need to connect the supply voltage via the terminals intended for the unregulated output, namely L1 and N.
Additional output
The series has an unregulated output which is active when the motor is enabled. It is called so because it is either ON (230 Volt) or OFF (0 Volt).
If the supply voltage is connected to L and N, the unregulated output is active while the motor is running. The unregulated output is used for connecting a lamp, valve, etc. or three-wire motor connection. This means it is intended for control of external devices that can work without the need to regulate the incoming voltage. In other words, the DRY regulates the fan through the regulated output via controlling the voltage with the option to regulate one more device. In the second case though the voltage is not regulated i.e. it is either 0 V or 230 V. 
If you connect the supply voltage to the device as standard, the unregulated output of your controller will be active when the motor is enabled. This means that when the fan stops, the connected external device will be disabled – the valve will be closed or the lamp will switch off. While the fan is working, the valve will remain open and the lamp will be switched on. The maximum current of the unregulated output is 0,5 A. 
Electronic fan speed controller with a knob and green LED on a DIN rail

Minimum speed trimmer
The DRY features an internal trimmer for adjusting the minimum fan speed. It is normal for the motor to produce a little more noise at lower speeds. That is why the minimum motor voltage can be adjusted in order to prevent the motor from stopping due to mains voltage variations. The trimmer can set the minimum motor voltage with the range 20 - 70% of the supply voltage (i.e. approximately 80—180 VAC).

Green LED operating indicator 
The LED on the enclosure indicates the operation status. During normal motor operation, the LED is solid on.

Ingress protection rating
The DIN rail mounted enclosure of the DRY provides an IP30 protection against the ingress of dirt and dust. This is all you need for equipment mounted into an electric cabinet.


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