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light grey plastic enclosure, blue front label, knob
light grey plastic enclosure, blue front label, knob
light grey plastic enclosure, blue front label, knob
light grey plastic enclosure, blue front label, knob
light grey plastic enclosure, blue front label, knob
light grey plastic enclosure with two cable glands
Electrical wiring in plastic enclosure

Transformer fan speed controller 5 A | Low to high

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Product description

Transformer fan speed controller for single-phase motors. The (combined) maximum current is 5 Amps. AC fan speed is regulated from low to high in 5 steps and can be selected via the rotary switch. This rotary switch also has an OFF position. The motor speed is regulated in 5 steps by varying the motor voltage. The output voltage with perfect sinusoidal shape, guarantees quiet motor operation. The enclosure offers an IP54 protection against ingress of dirt, dust and moisture. It can be wall mounted in indoor environments. This 5-step speed controller is often used to control cooker hood extractor fans, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, etc.

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Fan speed control
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Additional specifications and description

The benefits offered by transformer controllers
Transformer-based control units in fan applications offer the following advantages:
•    Silent Motor Operation: Transformer controllers provide quieter operation by controlling the motor speed without electromagnetic excitation.
•    Simple Control in Steps: These controllers offer a step-based control mechanism, allowing easy adjustment of the motor speed.
•    Long Service Life: Transformer controllers are designed for durability and can handle high power loads, resulting in reliable performance over an extended period.
•    Reasonable Price: Transformer-based control units are cost-effective compared to more complex speed control methods like variable frequency drives.
Although transformer-based controllers have their benefits, they may not be suitable for all motor control applications. Other control methods, such as variable frequency drives or DC drives, have their own advantages and may be more appropriate depending on factors such as motor type, application requirements, desired control level, and budget constraints. If you are not sure about the compatibility of your motor or the best control solution for your specific needs, it is recommended to refer to the accompanying documentation or consult the motor manufacturer for further guidance.

Intended use
Fan controller in front of a restaurant kitchen hoodThe STR-1 series is designed specifically to control AC fans by reducing the motor voltage. AC fans operate using alternating current and convert it into mechanical power. That is why they are compatible only with voltage controllable motors. It is possible to connect multiple motors to the controller, provided that the current limit is not exceeded. In such cases, all connected motors will operate at the same speed. 
5-step fan speed controllers are widely used in industrial kitchens, warehouses or industrial environments. They are often used as a simple control for regulating extractor hoods or exhaust fans. The fan speed can be increased from standstill to maximum speed in 5 steps. When connected, this controller can be used immediately. No configuration or programming is required. AC fan speed control made easy!

Unregulated output
The extra, unregulated output (230 VAC) is active when the motor is enabled. Because this output is either ON (230 Volt) or OFF (0 Volt), it is called ‘unregulated output'. The maximum current of this output is 2 A. It is typically used to control an external run-indicator, to open or close a damper, to switch an external relay, etc. When the fan stops, the damper is closed. When the fan is active, the damper is open.
Rotary switch with built-in mechanical time delay
It is important to operate the rotary switch not too quickly. The switch has a built-in mechanical time delay. This is important to prevent internal sparking during shifting. It has a positive effect on the service life of the device. When the rotary switch is rotated from position faster than the built-in mechanical time delay, the device will remain internally at position 0 (OFF position).

High-quality enclosure
The enclosure is made of high-quality r-ABS plastic. In order to guarantee its good quality, we manufacture our own enclosures. The material is exceptionally heat resistant, very tough and offers good protection against impacts. The enclosure can be surface mounted and offers an IP54 protection against ingress of dirt, dust and moisture.
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