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Temperature | humidity sensor | IP65 enclosure | PoM

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Category Outdoor temperature and humidity sensors
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Product description

Outdoor temperature and humidity sensor for HVAC applications.

The power supply voltage is 24 V DC PoM, which means that Modbus RTU communication and a 24 V DC power supply can be connected using a single RJ45 connector. The sensor measures temperature, relative humidity, and the amount of light in the environment. It is suitable for use in harsh environments or in outdoor applications.

Modbus RTU communication is used to transmit the measured values and it allows you to change all of the settings. The ambient light sensor can be used in many applications to control the ventilation system based on the occupancy of the room.

Additional specifications and description

Maintaining temperature and humidity control in harsh environments can be challenging, as extreme conditions, such as high temperatures, low temperatures, excessive humidity, or arid conditions, can negatively impact equipment and processes. However, it is crucial in various industries, including manufacturing, food processing, data centers, and laboratories, where precise environmental conditions are essential. Temperature and humidity sensors for harsh environments need to be rugged and durable to withstand these extreme conditions. 

HVAC transmitter for harsh environments
This HVAC transmitter measures ambient temperature, relative humidity and ambient light. Based on the temperature and humidity measurement, the dew point is calculated. All these values are available via Modbus RTU. The enclosure is designed for harsh environments or outdoor applications.
Reduced installation time
One RJ45 connector is all it takes to connect this sensor. Modbus RTU communication and 24 V DC power supply are connected via one cable - we call it Power over Modbus or PoM. All measured values are available via Modbus RTU communication. To facilitate wiring, we recommend to use a Sentera 24 VDC power supply with RJ45 connector. These power supplies offer protection against short circuit, overload and overvoltage. A 24 V DC supply voltage increases the safety and reliability of your installation.Measuring outdoor temperature
Easy to use
This sensor requires very little configuration. Once installed, it is almost directly ready to use. Temperature and relative humidity are frequently region- and season-specific. These parameters are still set to the correct values during installation. The other default settings are likely to be adequate for most applications. They can, however, be adjusted using the respective Modbus registers if necessary. The Modbus register map provides a complete overview of all adjustable settings. 

Harsh environments
The enclosure offers an IP65 protection against ingress of dust and water. Each sensor is calibrated and tested in our factory. We use sensor elements and components of high quality. This ensures the long-term stability and accuracy of this HVAC transmitter. To ensure optimal performance, it should be protected from direct sunlight. To protect this sensor from too bright sun, rain or snow, we have designed a special cover cap - AWP-10-13-13 - that fits perfectly over the sensor, further ensuring its proper functioning.
 ∞ Monitoring indoor air quality

Remarks, reviews & ratings

Jutiklis geras, tik naudojant lauke būtinas stogelis.
Vienas sugedo, bet pasirodo už kelis eurus reikia nusipirkti stogelį kuris apsaugo jutiklį nuo lietaus tiesioginių saulės spindulių... pasikeičiau jutiklį nusipirkau stogelį ir jau pusę metų, be problemų
Czujnik jest zamontowany od ponad roku wewnątrz hali produkcyjnej, obudowa z IP65 spełnia nasze oczekiwania, stabilna praca i dokładne pomiary
ODTHM that has been mounted outside the company's building more than 3 years ago was still quite clean inside when I opened it. The enclosure really offers IP65.
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