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Status indicator | flush mounting, 24 VDC

Article code ALFCF
GTIN 0.540.100.301.857.6
Intrastat number
Category Alarm and monitoring tools
Current stock 10 U.
Factory lead time 5 Week(s)

Product description

This alarm unit is equipped with green, yellow and red LEDs to generate visual notifications. The three LEDs indicate the status of the HVAC system, with green for indicating normal operation, yellow for warnings or issues, and red for critical alarms.

The unit is controlled through Modbus RTU communication and operates on a 24 VDC power supply.

The enclosure of the unit allows for both flush and surface mounting and offers IP30 protection rating.

Additional specifications and description

Is the ventilation system active?
The ALFCF is designed to generate visual alerts to indicate the status of ventilation systems or HVAC installations. It uses green, yellow and red LEDs to provide these visual alerts. 
This type of unit is particularly useful when HVAC installations are placed in less accessible locations. By using this alarm module, you can ensure that your ventilation system is operational and quickly identify any issues that may arise.

Unrivalled simplicity of installation
Flush mounting
This visual alarm module is suited for both inset and surface mounting, meaning you can install it in all kinds of walls – solid walls, gypsum board or even wood panels. The mounting holes fit perfectly the standard European wall boxes used for inset mounting. No need to opt for two different product versions, as this module has a two-in-one enclosure. It is up to you if you prefer to have the module discretely built into the wall or surface mounted onto it. All you need is a couple of every day tools – screwdrivers and pliers - a little bit of general knowledge and handiness.

Facilitated wiring 
The unit features spring clamp terminal blocks, which are the time saving alternative to the commonly used screw clamp terminal blocks. These terminal blocks use spring-loaded clamps to hold the wires securely in place. Spring terminal blocks allow you to insert wires directly into the terminal by pressing down on a spring-loaded clamp using a flat screwdriver. The clamp then holds the wire securely in place, creating an electrical connection.
These terminal blocks enable rapid and easy installation of wires and the spring mechanism ensures a strong and reliable electrical connection. It exerts constant pressure on the wire, preventing it from coming loose. So, not only is the installation simplified, but it also ensures a more reliable electrical connection.

Article versions 
Since this is an –F version of the ALFC product series, bear in mind that it is not suited for 3-wire connection. Minimum 4 wires are required to connect -F type articles. 
As standard, the -G version of Sentera products is intended for 3-wire connection and features a ‘common ground’. For this reason, -G and -F types cannot be used together on the same network. Never connect the common ground of -G type articles to other devices powered by a DC voltage. Doing so might cause permanent damage to the connected devices.
Also, Sentera’s –F article versions are supplied with 18-34 VDC. It is considered the standard in industrial and commercial settings, simplifying the selection and integration of power supplies and equipment. The 18-34 VDC range is often chosen for its reliability. Devices powered within this range are less likely to experience voltage-related issues, such as overvoltage or undervoltage conditions. It provides a stable and consistent power supply, which is crucial for the reliable operation of electronic and electrical equipment. Furthermore, the lower voltage levels in this range are often considered safer when compared to higher-voltage systems, reducing the risk of electrical hazards. 
This unit can be supplied using Sentera’s power supply modules.
Flush mounting
The enclosure is made of high-quality r-ABS VO (UL94) plastic. This material is heat resistant, fire-retardant, very tough and offers good protection against impacts. It offers an IP30 protection against ingress of dust.  

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