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SENSISTANT, power supply and cables to configure -M products

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Product description

This Sentera configuration kit comprises the SENSISTANT Modbus configurator, a specially designed 24 VDC power supply module and the cables necessary to connect and configure Sentera HVAC devices featuring RJ45 socket, i.e. -M or -H series.

The included cables are UTP with RJ45 connectors at both sides and are 2 m long.

Additional specifications and description

The Sentera SENSISTANT-SET-M configuration kit includes the following components:
1.    SENSISTANT Modbus Configurator: a device used for setting and monitoring the parameters of Sentera HVAC sensors and/or controllers. It allows adjusting various parameters on the devices using Modbus RTU (RS485) communication protocol. SENSISTANT is a compact, incredibly user-friendly device that is durable and offers simple adjustment and reading of the device parameters. Thanks to its resistive touch screen, managing the desired action with a bare finger, gloved finger, or stylus is straightforward and easy.
2.    24 VDC Power Supply Module: a module providing a 24-volt current (VDC) power supply to the Sentera HVAC sensors and/or controllers. It ensures that the devices receive the necessary power to operate properly.
3.    Cables: The configuration set includes the required cables for connecting and configuring Sentera HVAC sensors and/or controllers that feature RJ45 sockets. These cables are specifically designed to fit the sockets of the sensors and facilitate the communication between the sensors and the SENSISTANT Modbus Configurator.
This configuration set allows you to connect, configure and provide power to Sentera HVAC sensors / controllers. 
Sentera –M and –H product versions
As standard, Sentera HVAC sensors / controllers featuring RJ45 sockets as a means of connection have different versions/models, namely  -M and –H. The specific purpose and capabilities of these sensors would depend on their respective versions.
You can find out what your version is by the last letter of the product series name of your device, i.e. – while RCMFH-3 is –H version of the RCMF -3  series of multifunctional room smart sensors (controllers) and DPS-M-4K0 -2 is the –M version of the DPS series of differential pressure sensors. 
The RJ45 socket is what the –M and –H product models share in common. Whilst the –M version does not feature a physical output, i.e. the output value is set via Modbus RTU and all connections are done using a single cable with and RJ45 connector, the –H version is a hybrid featuring both a terminal block and an RJ45 socket (meaning it also features output connections). 
If you need further details on this type of connection, click on this link.  

Why should I opt for SENSISTANT-SET-M?
This configuration solution offers several advantages that make it a convenient choice:
1.   Convenience and ease: The SENSISTANT-SET-M is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. It eliminates the need for complex and time-consuming actions such as connecting to a computer, installing software or using Modbus converters. This simplifies the configuration process and saves valuable time.
2.  Ready-to-use: The SENSISTANT-SET-M is ready to be used right out of the box on-site. There is no need for additional setup or preparation. This plug-and-play functionality allows for immediate configuration without any delays.
3.   No computer or internet access required: Unlike some configuration solutions that rely on computer connectivity or internet access, the SENSISTANT-SET-F operates independently. It does not require a computer or internet connection to connect to your devices and adjust the settings. This can be particularly advantageous in situations where computer access or internet connectivity may be limited or unavailable.
4.  Compact and portable: The kit is a compact tool that can be easily transported and used in various locations. Its portability allows for flexibility in configuring Sentera devices across different sites or installations.

video for configuring Senetera products using Sensistant

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