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Residential fan speed controller | 1,5 A | Anthracite enclosure

Article code RDCZ9-15-BK
GTIN 0.540.100.301.120.1
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Category AC fan controller with display
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Product description

The RDCZ AC fan speed controller is the ideal solution for residential ventilation needs. This sophisticated controller features a user-friendly 3-button interface for manual speed adjustments, allowing you to fine-tune the AC fan speed effortlessly. Designed for single-phase motors, the RDCZ is a reliable choice for AC fans with a maximum current of 1.5 A.

The RDCZ can either be used as a full featured manual AC fan speed controller or as a master device in demand based ventilation solutions. What sets the RDCZ apart is its compatibility with Sentera HVAC sensors. Your fan speed adjusts dynamically based on ambient temperature, relative humidity, CO2 concentration, air quality (TVOC concentration) or differential pressure. This intelligent feature ensures optimal ventilation tailored to your environment.

The Triac technology employed in the RDCZ facilitates precise control by varying the motor voltage through phase angle control. Whether you prefer stepless adjustments or a 2-10 step configuration, the RDCZ provides flexibility to meet your preferences.

For those seeking seamless integration, the RDCZ supports Modbus RTU, allowing you to customize setpoints and parameters effortlessly. The supply voltage range of 110-230 VAC / 50-60 Hz ensures compatibility with various power sources. The sleek anthracite enclosure offers the option of surface or inset mounting, providing versatility to suit your installation preferences.

Additional specifications and description

Manual fan speed control
In manual mode, the fan speed can be adjusted steplessly or in 2-10 steps. The fan speed can be manually set via the up and down arrows. By pressing the select button with the green check mark for 4 seconds, the motor can be activated or deactivated. The selected fan speed is visualised via the 7-segment LED display (% or step number). Manual or automatic mode can be selected via the 3-button keyboard interface
Automatic mode 
In automatic mode, RDCZ needs to be connected to a Sentera HVAC sensor. Different types of Sentera HVAC sensors can be connected to RDCZ. Fan speed can be controlled in function of temperature, humidity, CO2, air quality (TVOC) or differential pressure. What you get is on-demand ventilation without the need to go to the controller every time you need to adjust the ventilation.
In automatic mode, the fan speed is controlled automatically in function of the measured value. The requested value can be set via the 3-button keyboard interface. 

Automatic  fan speed control

How to select the operating mode
To choose the desired operating mode, press the up and down buttons simultaneously in order to access the Setup mode. The decimal point after the values indicates that the unit is in Setup Mode.
The display shows “RUN”. To change the run mode, press the select button. Use the up and down buttons to select “1” for automatic mode or “0” - for manual mode.
To save the selected mode press the select button for 4 seconds. The display will show "888" for a few seconds to indicate that the value is stored in the memory. Press the up and down buttons simultaneously again in order to exit Setup mode.

Kickstart or softstart acceleration
The motor can be accelerated in softstart or in kickstart mode. In softstart mode, the motor will accelerate smoothly towards the set fan speed. In kickstart mode, the motor will immediately start running at full speed and slow down towards the set fan speed after a few seconds.

Modbus RTU communication 
The controller features Modbus RTU communication. As standard, Sentera devices with Modbus RTU on board can be set up using the free 3SModbus software. Modbus RTU holding registers duplicate the functions selected via the keyboard interface. If you choose to make use of this functionality, you will have access to the complete set of features offered by the RDCZ using your computer. 

Superb quality
This fan speed controller is manufactured in Europe using the most reliable and modern electronic components. It can control (multiple) motors with a total maximum current equal to its rated current. On a continuous basis! There is no need to overdimension this controller.
Inset or surface mounting
The enclosure allows surface mounting or inset mounting.  When built-in a wall, it offers an IP44 protection against the ingress of dirt and dust. For surface mounting, the protection degree is IP54
You can install the RDCZ on and in all kinds of walls – solid, gypsum board or wooden panels. If you opt for inset installation, the mounting holes fit perfectly the standard European wall boxes used for inset mounting. All you need is a couple of every day tools – screwdrivers and pliers, a little bit of general knowledge and handiness.

Remarks, reviews & ratings

Veikia puikiai, spalvos kokios reikia juoda, balta, geriausias reguliatorius
The solution for residential ventilation needs - user-friendly interface, easy to mount and use!
Šiaip reguliatorius geras, bet mygtukai nepatiko uždėtas ant viršaus paprasčiausias lipdukas kokybę šiek tiek muša.
Jest to prosty regulator elektroniczny i jest ten regulator, którym mogę ręcznie sterować wentylatorem lub podłączyć do niego czujnik Sentera i automatycznie sterować wentylatorem.
Yra paprastas elektroninis reguliatorius ir yra šis reguliatorius kurį galiu naudoti rankiniu būdu valdyti ventiliatorių arba prijungti prie jo Senteros jutiklį ir automatiniu būdu valdyti ventiliatorių.
We chose this for our home because of the color and because it can be built-in. Looks good hidden in the wall, but we had many issues setting it up using the keyboard, because we decided not to connect with Modbus. The keyboard interface is not very user-friendly, so if you chose this, you’d better order the accessories to connect it to Modbus. Otherwise, once you’ve had it adjusted it works fine, though we are still terrified of messing it all up.
Funkcionalus, galima naudoti kaip elektroninį ventiliatorių reguliatorių arba kaip valdiklį kurį galima kombinuoti su jutikliu, na buvau nustebintas esamomis galimybėmis ir nedidele kaina.
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