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Black enclosure, white print
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Modbus to USB converter

Product description

This is a self-powered USB to Modbus RTU converter. It connects to a computer USB port via a USB-A cable with male connector at both sides. The Modbus RTU communication is connected via the RJ45 connector. We advise to use this converter in combination with Sentera 3SModbus configuration software. This combination facilitates monitoring and configuration of Sentera products. The Modbus RTU serial information is automatically converted to serial information on a USB virtual COM port in both transmitted and received communication.

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23 U.
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4 Week(s)

Additional specifications and description

How to configure Sentera products?
That's easy! Connect the Sentera product(s) to the converter. Connect the converter to the computer via an USB-A cable. Open the 3SM software and start 3S Modbus. The connected products are automatically visualised. Double click on the product image to configure it.
How to update firmware of Sentera products?
Connect the product to your computer. Connect the converter to the computer via an USB-A cable. Open the 3SM software and start 3SM Boot.
Load the firmware (.HEX file), set the connected product in 'Boot Mode' and start the firmware update by clicking 'USB Boot'.
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