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Grow room climate control | fan and heater control | 6 A

Article code GTEE1-60-DT
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Product description

Elevate your cultivation game with the GTEE1-60-DT, a robust grow room climate controller boasting a 6A capacity.

This pre-wired marvel efficiently manages supply and extraction fans, along with a 16A (3.5 kW) electric heater.
The integrated PT500 temperature probe ensures precise climate control within a customizable range of 5-35 °C.
Featuring TRIAC technology, fan speed regulation is silent and energy-efficient. The three Schuko Euro sockets provide convenient connectivity for your fan and heater setup.

Trust in plug-and-play simplicity—no wiring needed. Enhance your plant's health, growth, and yield while reducing energy costs.

Additional specifications and description

Why control grow room temperature
Controlling your grow room temperature will prevent growth differences in the crop due to a greenhouse climate that is too hot or too cold. Among other things, greenhouse heating and ventilation systems ensure the movement of air in the greenhouse and are important for an optimal greenhouse climate. The achieved results are healthier and richer crops and reduced energy costs.

Controlling the temperature in your grow room is essential for ensuring consistent and healthy crop growth. With an all-in-one controller that simplifies the process, you can optimize your greenhouse climate, achieve better crop yields, and reduce energy costs. The reliable and safe design of this controller, along with its easy installation and adjustable settings, make it a practical solution for maintaining an ideal temperature in your grow room. 

How the controller works
This all-in-one device is extremely simplified. It can control the supply fan, the exhaust fan and the heater in your glasshouse. Control is realized via the three built-in potentiometers. That is all!
Once the measured temperature goes beyond the desired temperature setpoint, the fan speed controller will push both the supply and exhaust fans to full speed until the room temperature falls below the setpoint. The fans will then return to their idling speed. Ideally, the exhaust fan should always be larger and be working at a higher speed than the supply fan to create a constant negative pressure. This prevents odours or potentially harmful organisms from being pushed out of any cracks or openings in the grow room or quarantine room before they can be filtered.
The desired temperature setpoint can be set between 5 °C and 35 °C.Horticulture controller for temeparture with bulit-in petentiometers
Prewired and ready to use!
The desired temperature setpoint can be adjusted within the range of 21°C to 35°C, allowing you to tailor the conditions to suit your specific crops. Additionally, the device comes prewired and ready to use – it is 100% plug & play eliminating the need for configuration or complex wiring, making installation hassle-free. The package includes a PT500 temperature probe with a 4-meter cable length and two power supply cables with a 1.5-meter length. The device also features standard Schuko sockets for connecting a supply fan, extraction fan, and electric heater. When the ambient temperature exceeds the setpoint, fan speed increases and the heater is disabled. When the ambient temperature drops below the setpoint, the fans run at low speed (can be set to 0) and the heater is enabled.

AC fan speed control
This controller is intended for AC fans and control is realised via reducing the motor voltage. AC motors run on an alternating current and convert alternating current into mechanical power. This means that the series is suitable only for voltage controllable motors. If you are not sure about your motor type, we strongly advise you to read carefully its accompanying documentation or contact the motor manufacturer.

Proven design

This controller is the result of many years of experience in grow room air extraction combined with innovative electronics technology. This device is extremely reliable and safe. The enclosure is made of high-quality r-ABS VO (UL94) plastic. This material is flame extinguishing in case of fire, very though and offers good protection against impacts. It can be installed onto a wall. It offers an IP54 protection against ingress of dust, dirt and water.  

Remarks, reviews & ratings

Tikrai gaminys nepaprastas, lengva pajungti, veikia patikimai.
Sera iklimlendirme sisteminin kontrolünü bu kadar basitleştiren bir cihaz olması harikulade! Kurulumu çok basitti, kontrol ise çok daha tak ve çalıştır mantığı harika!
Man patiko šis reguliatorius savo paprastumu ir lengvu pajungimu. Aukšta IP klasė praplėčia naudojimo sritis. Rekomenduoju.
Regulator polecił mi znajomy instalator, dobra i stabilna kontrola pracy nagrzewnicą w zależności od ustawionej temperatury w szklarni. polecam
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