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Galvanically isolated transformer 230 VAC | 24 VAC | 40 VA

Article code SATD1-24-40
GTIN 0.540.100.301.297.0
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Category Safety transformers - 12 VAC or 24 VAC
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Product description

A galvanically isolated transformer is a device that provides electrical isolation between two or more electrical circuits. Transformers that are galvanically isolated have an extra layer of insulation that guarantees total segregation between the primary and secondary sides. This isolation provides a high level of safety and protection for connected equipment by preventing the transfer of electrical noise or voltage spikes.

This single-phase safety transformer provides safe electrical isolation between the primary (input) voltage of 230 VAC and secondary (output) voltage of 24 VAC. The built-in PTC in the primary winding detects overloads and short circuits and disables the transformer to prevent an overheating. The apparent power capacity of the transformer is 40 VA (volt-ampere).

Transformers with galvanic isolation have multiple applications in diverse industries. Medical equipment, industrial control systems, renewable energy systems, and audio equipment are a few of the major applications.

The enclosure can be installed in an electrical cabinet on a standard DIN rail. The transformer offers IP30 protection against moisture and dust.

Additional specifications and description

The series 
The SATD1 series is specific line of compact single-phase safety isolating transformers designed for T35 DIN-rail mounting. It provides safe electrical isolation between the input and output in an electrical circuit. This isolation is crucial for ensuring safety, especially in applications where there is a need to protect users from electric shock. The transformers are suitable for creating Safety extra-low voltage (SELV) and Protective extra-low voltage (PELV) circuits. 
The SATD1 series is well-suited for applications where compact, DIN-rail-mounted safety isolating transformers with specific safety features are required. They serve the purpose of a transformer-based power supply modules connected to the mains 230 VAC network that provide 12 VAC ±5 % or 24 VAC ±5 % output voltage to connected devices.   

Safety extra-low voltage (SELV) refers to a voltage level that is considered safe under normal and single-fault conditions. This means that even if a fault occurs in the circuit, the voltage remains within the safe range. The specific voltage threshold for SELV can vary by region and standard but is generally set at 30 V or less.
Protective extra-low voltage (PELV) is another safety designation for electrical circuits. Like SELV, PELV circuits operate at a voltage level that is safe for direct contact. PELV, however, allows for a slightly higher voltage level than SELV under certain conditions. The key is that the voltage must not exceed a level that poses a risk of electric shock.
Compliance with these safety standards helps prevent electric shock and ensures the well-being of individuals interacting with electrical installations. 

Galvanic isolation
The primary and secondary windings are galvanically isolated. This means that the secondary voltage and the powered device are isolated from the mains. This suppresses electrical noise and it protects against electric shocks.
Short circuit and overload protection
SATD1 series are short circuit and overload protected. This protection is implemented through a built-in Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) device in the primary winding. PTC devices are thermistors that respond to temperature changes, providing a safeguard against excessive current and potential damage. One of the properties of a PTC device is that in case of an excessively large current flow, it generates heat by themselves and become highly resistive. When a motor is overloaded or the rotation of a motor is stopped (locked), an overcurrent flows through the motor. This can result in thermal overstress to the coil. A PTC device can effectively protect motors from such overcurrent. In case of excessive heating due to a short circuit or overload, integrated PTC probe disables itself. safety transformer din rail
Resin encapsulated transformer
A special impregnation coating reduces the electrical noise from the transformer.
DIN rail mounted enclosure
The SATD1 series is designed for DIN rail mounting that is very common in industrial and control panel applications. DIN rail mounting simplifies installation and allows for the efficient organization of electrical components in cabinets.
The enclosure of the unit, which is produced in our own factory, is designed to provide an IP30 protection rating.
To mount the enclosure, just click the locking clip at the rear of the unit – that’s all you need to do. This aligns with the common practices of organizing and securing electrical components in a standardized manner, ensuring reliability and ease of maintenance in various settings.

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