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Metal enclosure with knob, LED indicators
Metal enclosure with knob, LED indicators and cable glands
Metal enclosure with knob, LED indicators

Fan speed controller 400 V | gas valve control | 6 A

Product description

Kitchen hood exhaust fan controller for AC fans with 400 V motor. This 5-step fan speed controller has a built-in relay to control an external gas valve. The maximum motor current is 6 A. Fan speed can be set via the built-in rotary switch. An optional pressure relay is required to detect air flow. In case air flow is not detected within 60 seconds after the motor is started, the relay output is deactivated to stop the gas flow. Local safety regulations often dictate that gas can only be supplied after the kitchen hood exhaust fan above the stove has been activated. This makes the SFPR4 series the ideal fan speed controller for industrial kitchen hoods! The TK monitoring function deactivates the motor in case of overheating. The motor can be started via the built-in rotary switch or remotely via an external switch. The supply voltage is 400 VAC. After a power failure, the motor will automatically restart. The enclosure allows surface mounting in indoor environments (IP54).

Article code SFPR4-60L40
GTIN 0.540.100.301.454.7
Category Advanced AC fan speed control - TK monitoring, gas flow control
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Additional specifications and description

How does it work?
The fan speed can be set manually via the rotary switch. The relay output is designed to control an external gas supply valve. The gas supply will be enabled only when the exhaust fan is active. If no air flow is detected within 60 seconds, the gas supply valve will be closed. An optional pressure relay must be connected to the input FL.

Remote start-stop
Via an external switch - connected to the input NC - a remote start-stop command can be generated. If no external switch is available, the fan can be started via the built-in rotary switch. In that case, both NC terminals should be bridged. 
Unregulated output
The extra, unregulated output (230 VAC) is active when the motor is enabled. It can be used to control an external run-indicator, lights, etc.
E.g. the kitchen hood lights can be activated simultaneously with the fan.

Thermal motor protection
This fan speed controller can monitor thermal motor contacts (TK or thermal contacts measure temperature in the motor windings). In case of motor overheating, the TK monitoring function will disable the motor to prevent motor damage. If the motor is not equipped with TK contacts, both TK terminals of the controller must be bridged to simulate normal motor temperature.

Auto reset after power failure
In case of a power failure, this controller will automatically reset itself. When the power is restored, the motor will restart automatically.

Solid enclosure
The enclosure is made of high-quality steel. The enclosure can be surface mounted and offers an IP54 protection against ingress of dirt, dust and moisture.