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AC fan speed controller for DIN rail - 1,5 A

Article code DRX-1-15-AT
GTIN 0.540.100.300.182.0
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Category High to low fan speed controllers for DIN rail
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Product description

The electronic fan speed controller from the DRX series is a DIN rail-mounted electronic controller designed for single-phase voltage controllable motors.
It allows for manual adjustment of the motor voltage using a rotary knob, providing an output voltage variation from 60 to 230 VAC. Maximum motor current of 1.5 A.
The rotary knob facilitates the regulation of the output voltage from maximum to minimum, including an OFF position. The minimum speed can be fine-tuned through a trimmer.

A green LED indicates the operational status.

The DIN rail mounting, compliant with the DIN EN 50022 standard, ensures easy integration into standardized installations.
The DRX series provides high-to-low output regulation and allows for minimum output voltage adjustment, catering to specific ventilation application needs.

Additional specifications and description

Easy fan speed control 
This manually operated industrial fan speed controller regulates motor speed from maximum to minimum. When the rotary knob is in OFF position, the motor is not active. Turning the knob clockwise starts the motor at the highest speed. When the knob is turned further clockwise, the motor slows down to the minimum speed setting. 

The device is intended only for voltage controllable fans / motors, i.e. AC fans. These run on an alternating current and convert alternating current into mechanical power. This controller reduces the voltage provided to the fans via phase-angle control using TRIAC technology. If you are not sure about your motor type, we strongly advise you to read carefully its accompanying documentation or contact the motor manufacturer.

Adjustable minimum speed using the built-in trimmer
The minimum motor speed is adjustable via the trimmer on the front within the range 20 – 70 % of the supply voltage (i.e. about 80 – 180 VAC). As a rule, the minimum motor voltage is adjusted to avoid motor stalling at low speed. The trimmer is adjusted so that the motor does not stop due to mains voltage variations. What is more, when the motor works at very low revs there is more humming and buzzing. 

Always running 
The OFF position can be deactivated by connecting the 230 VAC supply voltage to the unregulated output, i.e. to terminals L1 and N (intended for the unregulated output). In this case, the motor will run when the power supply is present. If you want to keep the OFF position enabled, connect the supply voltage via terminals L and N, as standard. 
Unregulated output for external devices
If the supply voltage is connected to L and N, the unregulated output is active when the motor is enabled. The unregulated output can be used to control external devices. It is intended for use in applications where extra precise regulation or low ripple is not required, such as an LED lamp (as a run indicator), external relays, solenoids, dampers and anything that is ideal for non-critical loads. When the fan stops, the external device is switched off. When the fan is active, the external device is on. Because this output is either ON (230 Volt) or OFF (0 Volt), it is called ‘unregulated output’. 

LED indication 
The green LED indicates the operation status. During normal motor operation, the LED is solid on.

Control more than one fans
You can connect several motors to the controller as long as the current limit is not exceeded. In this case all of them will run at the same speed. 

DIN rail mounting
This fan speed controller is intended for mounting onto a DIN rail inside an equipment racks – the perfect solution for industrial control equipment. DIN rails are metal rails that conform to industry standards and are used to mount industrial processing equipment. DIN rail electronics have been around for a long time and are becoming increasingly popular in industrial applications across a wide range of industries. The enclosure provides an IP30 protection against the ingress of dirt and dust. Manual electronic fan speed controller on DIN rail

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Labai kompaktiškas su minimalaus išėjimo nustatymu elektroninis reguliatorius, iš aukščio telpa į automatukų dėžutę.
Kupuje te regulatory od ponad roku, dobra jakość, stabilna praca, mały rozmiar - czasami mała dostępność - polecam do montażu w szafach automatyki
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