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9-step fan speed controller | DIN rail | 2,5 A

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Category Fan speed controllers for DIN rail
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Product description

Introducing the DRE Digital Electronic Speed Controller, a DIN rail-mounted solution for precise control of single-phase voltage controllable motors.
Operating at 230 VAC with a maximum current of 2.5 A, this controller employs Triac technology for fan speed regulation.

Adjust the speed range via Modbus RTU, utilizing the 1-digit, 7-segment LED display and 3-button keyboard interface.

With 9-step output voltage regulation, normal/inverse mode selection, and Modbus RTU (RS485) communication, it ensures versatile control.
The DIN rail-mounted enclosure, kick start/soft start options, and easy monitoring via the 3SModbus application make this controller an efficient solution for motor control.

Experience seamless operation with the DRE series, designed for DIN rail mounting and featuring a green LED operating indication

Additional specifications and description

Fan speed control in steps
DRE is a digital motor speed controller that regulates the speed of single-phase motors by reducing the motor voltage. It is intended for voltage controllable motors. If you are not sure whether your motor is voltage controllable, we advise on contacting the motor manufacturer. 
The fan speed can be adjusted in 9 steps via the up and down arrows or via Modbus RTU communication. By pressing the up and down button simultaneously for 3 seconds, the motor can be activated or deactivated. The selected step is visualized via the 7-segment LED display. This is how the parameters can be monitored easily at all times without the need to go to the computer every now and then. Depending on the motor type, a humming motor noise may occur at low speed.
Superb quality
This fan speed controller is manufactured in Europe using the most reliable and modern electronic components. It can control several motors with a total maximum current equal to its rated current. On a continuous basis! There is no need to overdimension this controller, i.e. since the maximum rated current of the controller is 2,5 A, it can control a fan with a maximum current of 2,5 A. 
Modbus RTU communication
This controller features Modbus RTU communication which has become standard in the industry. All settings of this fan speed controller can be adjusted and monitored via Modbus RTU communication. 
Featuring Modbus RTU communication does not necessarily mean you cannot use the controller if it is not connected to a computer. Besides Modbus RTU, DRE features a 3-button interface with 7-segment display for manual settings. This means you can always use the device as a manual controller, however, in order to benefit from all the functionalities, we strongly advise you to opt for the software option. All you need to do is download our free 3SM Software from our website and you get the motor control type you wish – manual or digital, i.e. local or remote!

Kickstart or softstart 
The motor can be accelerated in softstart or in kickstart mode. In softstart mode, the motor will accelerate smoothly towards the set fan speed. In kickstart mode, the motor will immediately start running at full speed and slow down towards the set fan speed after a few seconds. Kickstart or softstart can be selected via the Modbus holding registers. The default value is kickstart.
Unregulated output
The unregulated output (230 VAC) is active when the motor is enabled. Because this output is either ON (230 Volt) or OFF (0 Volt), it is called ‘unregulated output'. The maximum current of this output is 0,5 A. It is typically used to control an external run indicator, to open or close a damper, to switch an external relay, etc. In other words, when the fan stops, the damper will be closed. When the fan is active, the damper will be is open.

Fan speed controller with dispay on DIN rail
DIN rail mounting
This fan speed controller can be installed on a DIN rail inside an electric cabinet. DIN rails are metal rails that conform to industry standards and are used to mount industrial processing equipment. DIN Rail electronics have been around for a long time and are becoming increasingly popular in industrial applications across a wide range of industries. The enclosure provides an IP30 protection against the ingress of dirt and dust.

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Małych rozmiarów regulator elektroniczny do montaży na szynę DIN a wyświetlaczem i Modbus, dobre rozwiązanie do automatyki bydynkowej, rozsądna cena, szybka dostawa, duże koszty dostawy przy małych zamówieniach - jedyny minus
Tai jau taip, mažas bet su daug galimybių.
Nedidelis, montauojamas ant DIN bėgelio, su displėjumi, su nustatymo mygtukais ir su Modbusu, kaipo į tokį nedidelį gaminį daug sutalpinta :)
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