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3-speed fan control switch | no OFF-position

Article code SMT-1-30-3B
GTIN 0.540.100.301.466.0
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Category Control switches for AC motors with multiple windings
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Product description

This is a control switch for 3-speed multi stage AC Fans. It transfers the supplied 230 VAC to one of the three outputs, this switch enables easy adjustment of fan speed across three distinct levels. With contact ratings of 10 A for resistive loads and 3 A for inductive loads, it guarantees optimal performance while ensuring longevity and reliability.

Designed for utmost versatility, this switch offers the flexibility of both inset mounting (IP44) and surface mounting (IP54) within a sturdy enclosure, ensuring seamless integration into any electrical setup while providing optimal protection against dust and water. Whether you prefer a sleek, concealed installation or a robust, visible fixture, our switch adapts seamlessly to your desired configuration, allowing you to customise your space without compromising on functionality or durability.

Equipped with a 3-pole mechanism without OFF position, our controller for 3-speed motors precisely manages the distribution of line voltage among the three connection points on the multi stage motor windings. By enabling you to effortlessly select the desired connection point, it empowers you to effortlessly tailor the motor speed to your specific requirements, offering unparalleled convenience and control over your ventilation solutions.

Additional specifications and description

How to control a 3-speed AC fan
A 3-speed motor has three connection points on the main motor winding. The power can be connected to one of these three points. The motor speed depends on the used connection point. The controller for a 3-speed motor will therefore connect the line voltage to one of these three contacts. 

How the switch works
The SMT-1-30 switch is designed to manually control the speed of three-speed fans. The working principle of these 3-step control switches is to connect the 230 VAC mains to either the start winding of the motor or to one of the connection points on the main winding of the motor. So the 230 VAC is connected to only one of the three contacts. This allows you to adjust the fan speed from minimum to maximum in 3 steps.
multispeed motor     

In the HVAC electronics sector, manual switches for 3-speed fans are common components. These switches have multiple positions to control the fan speed, allowing users to choose between low, medium and high settings.
Our manual switch is designed to provide users with an easy-to-connect and intuitive solution for regulating the speed of 3-speed fans. With clearly marked settings, users can effortlessly toggle between low, medium, and high fan speeds, allowing for precise adjustment based on comfort and environmental needs. switching diagram

Remote control switch for AC fan speed controllers
Some manually controlled fan speed controllers many not feature the standard knob on their enclosure but can be controlled remotely instead. In such cases you will have to connect an external device (switch) such as this SMT-1-30. So, the controller can be installed in the technical room or any appropriate location, where you will not hear the noises it produces, while the switch for controlling it can be close to you, so that you can easily control the ventilation according to your needs.  


The series is developed to switch AC fans or AC fan speed controllers. AC motors run on an alternating current and convert alternating current into mechanical power. This means the series is suitable only multispeed (or multistage) motors. If you are not sure about your motor type, we strongly advise you to read carefully its accompanying documentation or contact the motor manufacturer.

Two-in-one enclosure
The enclosure of the SMT-1-30 is made of solid ASA plastic in nice cream colour (RAL9010). This is UV resistant material and protects the electronics against dust, water and impacts. But its most important characteristics is featuring both flush and wall mounting. Basically, it can be installed in any kind of wall – gypsum board, brick or wooden panel. No need to look for different product versions. 
If you choose the flush mounting option, it fits perfectly the standard European box and melts into the background. The protection class is IP44 for flush and IP54 for surface mounting. Furthermore, it looks nice and is a good match for any interior style. Cleaning it is very easy using only a damp cloth. 
Crafted with durability in mind, our manual control switch features a robust build that ensures reliability in diverse HVAC applications. The switch is engineered to withstand the demands of continuous operation, providing users with a dependable solution for their fan control needs.

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