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Ivo Smet

Ivo Smet

Group Supply Chain & Production Coordinator

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+32 (0)3 710 57 29

Communication languages: Dutch, English, French

I am a results-oriented Operations Manager with a strong background in supply chain and production management.

I have been fulfilling with enthusiasm my role at Sentera since 2016. I am responsible for: procurement, raw material logistics, efficient inventory management and production. Respecting tight deadlines and managing customs-related matters are essential job functions.

In 2000 I obtained my degree in electromechanical engineering at HoGent. I first started working as a production team leader and later as a purchase manager. I have gained substantial experience in both jobs necessary for my daily working activities. At Sentera I have been developing my other assets: my leadership experience with focus on people management and my open communication style.

My family and my motorcycle ensure a healthy work-life balance. They create the necessary tranquillity to develop new ideas to improve my work. You can reach me for all work related questions using the contact details on the left. I hope to hear from you soon. 

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Company nameSentera Europa NV
House number9
Postal code9140
VAT numberBE0462307146
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