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Frequency inverter - 30 A - 7,5 kW - IP66

The FI-E33 series are frequency inverters that can control any type of AC motor. From infinitely variable speed to stepped motor control. IE3, IE4, permanent magnet, brushless DC and synchronous reluctance motors can be controlled via these devices. Their IP66 enclosure is designed for harsh environments or direct machine mounting. They are dust tight and ready for washdown duty. They require a supply voltage of 3-phase IN 200-240 VAC and generate a regulated output towards the motor: 3-phase, 200-240 VAC / 30 A / 7,5 kW, with internal EMC filter, manufacturers code: ODE-3-420300-3F4A

Codice articolo FI-E33300E6-19
Categoria Serie FI-E33
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Tempo di anticipo di fabbrica 4 Settimana(-e)
- Unrivalled simplicity of installation, connection and commissioning
- Intuitive keypad control
- Pre-configured applications for: air handling units, ventilation fans, circulating fans, air curtains, kitchen extract fans
- DIN rail or surface mountable
- 7-segment LED display
- Integrated PI control
- Modbus RTU and CANopen on-board as standard
- RJ45 data connection to copy data easily from one inverter to another
- Motor current and rpm indication
- 150% overload during 60s
- Variable or constant torque
- Outdoor rated, dust-tight and washdown ready
- Internal EMC filter category C1
- Integrated brake chopper (not in frame size 1)
Domande frequenti:
First, you need to know where the frequency inverter will be installed. - What is the available power supply for the frequency inverter? - What is the frequency of the available power supply? Probably 50 or 60 Hz? - What IP protection degree is required? In case your frequency inverter will be installed in a closed, well-ventilated electrical cabinet where the temperature cannot be higher than 50°C and not lower than -10 °C (non-condensing!), IP20 is the best choice. In all other cases, we recommend the IP66 version installed in a well ventilated area, protected against direct sunlight, excessive humidity, corrosive gasses, vibrations and frost. Next, take a closer look at the type plate attached to the AC motor. - What is the motor voltage? Is it a single or three phase AC motor? In case of a three-phase AC motor: will it be connected in star or delta? - What is the nominal motor current mentioned on the motor name plate? Make sure to use the value that corresponds to your motor connection (star/delta) and the available power supply (frequency!). With this information, you can select the correct frequency inverter via our datasheet. We have separate datasheets for IP20 and IP66 frequency inverters. Based on input rating (supply voltage), output rating (motor voltage) and ‘Inom’ (nominal motor current), you will find the article code that matches with you application. Please bear in mind that our frequency inverters are intended to control fans or air curtains, pumps, conveyors, etc. They are open loop (sensorless) vector drives designed for typical HVAC applications that don’t require full torque at standstill.
We advise you to keep the cable between motor and frequency inverter as short as possible. The maximum permitted motor cable length for all models is 100 m. Due to higher switching frequencies of frequency inverters (VFD), the cable between VFD and motor acts as an antenna, emitting electromagnetic fields (EMC pollution) that might disturb analogue signals or network communications in the surrounding area. The longer the motor cable, the stronger these effects will be. Following actions help to minimize these effects: - Apply an EMC filter (standard on all Sentera VFD’s) - Provide a good connection to Protective Earth (PE) Every VFD must be individually connected to PE – don’t loop from one drive to another! Ground loop impedance must confirm to local safety regulations. The integrity of all ground connections should be checked periodically. The safety ground terminal provides a grounding point for the motor cable shield. The motor cable shield connected to this terminal (drive end) should also be connected to the motor frame (motor end). Use a shield terminating or EMI clamp to connect the shield tothe safety ground terminal. - Reduce the switching frequency of your frequency inverter (at higher switching frequencies, the frequency inverter will operate more silently) - Separate motor cables from network cables and cables with analogue signals. Use separate cable trays, preferably in metal and connected to PE. - Reduce the cable length between VFD and motor
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