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Industrial air curtain controller | single-phase motors 10 A

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Solution description

5-speed controller for air curtains with single-phase motors. The combined maximum motor current is 10 A. The air velocity can be selected via the 5-step rotary switch. In OFF position (zero), the motor is disabled. The TK monitoring function deactivates the motor in case of overheating. The digital input can be used for remote start-stop commands. After a power failure, the motor automatically restarts. The autotransformer technology generates a motor voltage with a perfect sinusoidal shape. This guarantees quiet motor operation. Only for voltage controllable motors.

Additional specifications and description

Create a thermal barrier Devices with 2 blue arrows
Air curtains create an invisible barrier to separate hot and cold air. Air curtains can also be used to prevent air or contaminants from moving from one room to another. The AC fans of the air curtain force a curtain of air in a downward direction. This invisible barrier prevents the inflow of external air and restricts outflow of indoor air to minimize heat losses. Air curtains are often used in shops or bars so that the doors can remain open while keeping the warm air inside. Thanks to the open doors, customers are more inclined to enter.
Door contact activates the air curtain
A door contact can be connected to the dry contact inputs. When the door opens, the air curtain is activated. When activated, the air curtain will run at a fixed speed, set via the rotary switch. One normally open and one normally closed input are available. This makes the controller compatible with different types of door switches.

Outputs to control external devices
The extra, unregulated output (230 VAC) is active when the motor is enabled. Because this output is either ON (230 Volt) or OFF (0 Volt), it is called ‘unregulated output'. The maximum current of this output is 2 A. This output can be used to control an indicator lamp, open the closing grids of the air ducts, activate lighting, etc. The device connected to this output will operate simultaneously with the fan.

Auto reset after power failure
In case of a power failure, this controller will automatically reset itself. When the power is restored, the motor will restart automatically. With standard fan speed controllers, after a power failure, the rotary switch must be turned manually to the OFF position and then back to the desired speed position. This is not necessary with the STRA1 series.

Protection against overheating
This air curtain controller offers the possibility to connect thermal contacts. TK or thermal contacts monitor the temperature inside the motor windings or the temperature of the heater. In case of overheating, the TK monitoring function will disable the system to prevent damage and will activate the alarm output. 

Enclosure for indoor wall mounting
Make sure that the controller can cool sufficiently. Preferably install it in a cool place, best not in direct sunlight. The steel enclosure is not only robust, it also simplifies heat dissipation. This means that this regulator can be used continuously at full power. It offers IP54 protection against the ingress of dust and water. This controller can be installed on a wall or panel indoors. 

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5-speed transformer fan speed controller for single-phase motors with thermal contact. The (combined) maximum current is 10 A. The fan speed is set with the rotary switch in OFF position. The motor can be remotely switched on or off via digital input. The TK monitoring function stops the motor in case of overheating. The motor restarts automatically after a power failure. Alarm and uncontrolled outputs can be used to control external devices to issue warnings or check normal operation. The fan speed is controlled by a five-stage reduction of the motor voltage through an automatic transformer. This technology results in a perfectly sinusoidal output voltage and guarantees quiet motor operation. The enclosure can be surface mounted and is IP54 rated against dirt, dust and moisture.

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