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3-step control switch for EC motors or damper actuators

These control switches adjust the speed of EC fans in 3 steps. They can also control frequency inverters, fan speed controllers or damper actuators. They are available with or without OFF position. They divide the analogue 0-10 V control signal in three steps. This makes it possible to adjust the fan speed or the damper position from low to high in 3 steps.

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Article code SMT-D-3P-AL
Current stock 8 U.
Factory lead time: 4 Week(s)
Next arrival: 21/04/2023 - 120 U.
Article code SMT-D-4P-AL
Current stock 35 U.
Factory lead time: 4 Week(s)
Article code SMT-D-4P-EM
Current stock 23 U.
Factory lead time: 4 Week(s)
Next arrival: 28/04/2023 - 50 U.
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