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White plastic enclosure, knob and two cable glands
White plastic enclosure, knob and two cable glands
White plastic enclosure, scaled knob
White plastic enclosure, knob and two cable glands
White plastic enclosure with knob
Lower side of white plastic enclosure with knob
Terminal block in black on white plastic enclosure

Variable fan speed controller | Modbus RTU | 1,5 A

Product description

Variable speed controller for AC fans with single-phase motor. The combined maximum motor current is 1,5 A. All settings - including the operating mode - are adjustable via Modbus RTU communication. This controller can regulate AC fan speed from high to low speed or from low to high speed. The motor accelerates with softstart or with kickstart. One hardware, different functionalities. The enclosure allows inset mounting or surface mounting. The supply voltage is 230 VAC. Phase angle control (Triac technology) is used to vary the motor voltage and to regulate the motor speed. This variable speed controller is often used to control ceiling fans, bathroom exhaust fans, extraction fans etc.

Article code SDX-1-15-DM
GTIN 0.540.100.301.829.3
Category Residential fan speed controllers
Current stock 5 U.

Additional specifications and description

Quiet motor operation
These variable fan speed controllers are microprocessor controlled.  This guarantees accurate motor control and very quiet motor operation, even at low speed. Thanks to the precise motor control, the motor service life is extended and operational costs are reduced. Watch this video for more details.
Modbus RTU communication
All settings of this fan speed controller can be adjusted and monitored via Modbus RTU communication. E.g. the operating mode can be selected via Modbus RTU communication. This means that fan speed can be regulated from high to low or from low to high speed. The motor can be accelerated via the kickstart or softstart mode.
One enclosure, different mounting possibilities
The enclosure is made of high-quality ASA plastic. This material is UV resistant, it protects against impacts and looks nice. It protects the electronics against ingress of dust, dirt and water. The protection class is IP44 for inset mounting and IP54 for surface mounting.

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