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Status indicator | flush mounting, 24 VAC - VDC

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Article code ALFCG
GTIN 0.540.100.301.858.3
Intrastat number
Category Alarm and monitoring tools
Current stock 10 U.
Factory lead time 5 Week(s)

Product description

The flush-mountable HVAC alarm unit is designed for generating visual alerts using green, yellow and red LEDs. This unit is typically employed to indicate the operational status of HVAC systems located in less accessible areas.

It is operated through Modbus RTU communication and can be powered by either 24 VAC or 24 VDC.

The enclosure can be both surface and flush mounted and its ingress protection rating is IP30 protection.

Additional specifications and description

Is the ventilation system in operation? 
ALFCG is specifically engineered to produce visual notifications for monitoring the condition of ventilation systems or HVAC installations. It employs green, yellow and red LEDs to convey these visual notifications. This unit proves particularly beneficial when HVAC systems are installed in hard-to-reach locations. Utilizing this alarm module enables you to confirm the operational status of your ventilation system and promptly detect any potential issues.

ALFCG alarm built-in
Installation made incredibly easy
The ALFCG visual alarm module offers unparalleled ease of installation, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of wall types, from solid brick walls through gypsum board to wooden panels.The mounting holes align perfectly with standard circular European wall boxes that are commonly used for inset mounting, eliminating the need for separate product versions as it features a two-in-one enclosure. The choice is yours - whether to discreetly place the module within the wall or mount it on the surface. All that's required are everyday tools, such as screwdrivers and pliers, along with some basic know-how and dexterity.

Simplified wiring 
The unit streamlines the wiring process by incorporating spring clamp terminal blocks, providing a time-saving alternative to the commonly used screw clamp terminal blocks. The spring-loaded clamps of these terminal blocks securely grip the wires. You can insert wires directly into the terminal by applying downward pressure on the spring-loaded clamp, typically using a flathead screwdriver. This clamp will firmly secure the wire in place, establishing a robust electrical connection.
These terminal blocks expedite the installation of wires and ensure a strong, dependable electrical connection thanks to the spring mechanism. This mechanism maintains consistent pressure on the wire, preventing any risk of it coming loose. Not only does this approach simplify the installation process, but it also guarantees a more trustworthy electrical connection.

Article versions
In the standard configuration, Sentera products labelled with the -G version are designed for a 3-wire connection and incorporate a 'common ground' feature. That is why, it is worth noting that that the -G and -F types should not be employed together on the same network. It is crucial to avoid connecting the common ground of -G type articles to other devices that are powered by a DC voltage. Such a connection could potentially result in permanent damage to the connected devices. 
The supply voltage of 24 V either alternating or direct current makes the device compatible with a wide range of power sources and systems. The ability to use either 24 VAC or 24 VDC supply voltage provides adaptability, compatibility, and flexibility, making it a practical choice for various applications and ensuring reliable and efficient operation in different scenarios. Also, in international applications or markets with varying power standards, having dual voltage capability simplifies compatibility and compliance with local regulations and depending on the specific equipment and application, one voltage type may be more energy-efficient than the other. The flexibility allows you to choose the most efficient option.
This unit can be supplied using Sentera’s power supply modules. 

Enclosure IP
The enclosure provides IP30 protection against dust and moisture. It had better be shielded from direct sunlight for optimum performance. 


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