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SENSISTANT, power supply and cables to configure -F or -G products

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Product description

This Sentera configuration set comprises the SENSISTANT Modbus configurator, a specially designed 24 VDC power supply module and the two cables necessary to connect and configure Sentera HVAC devices featuring terminal blocks (-F, -G or -H versions).

The set includes a UTP cable with RJ45 connectors at both sides and a UTP cable with an RJ45 connector at one side and loose wire ends at the other side. Both cables are 2 m long.

Additional specifications and description

What is in the set?
The Sentera SENSISTANT-SET-F configuration kit includes the following components:
1.    SENSISTANT Modbus Configurator: a device used for adjusting and monitoring the parameters of Sentera HVAC sensors and/or controllers. It allows you to set various parameters on the sensors using Modbus RTU (RS485) communication protocol.
2.    24 VDC Power Supply Module: a module designed to provide a 24-volt  power supply to the Sentera HVAC sensors and/or controllers. It ensures that the devices receive the necessary power to operate properly.
3.    Cables: The configuration set includes the required cables for connecting and configuring Sentera HVAC sensors and/or controllers that have terminal blocks. These cables are specifically designed to fit the terminal blocks of the sensors and facilitate the communication between the sensors and the SENSISTANT Modbus Configurator.

Sentera product versions
As standard, Sentera HVAC sensors / controllers featuring physical outputs and terminal blocks as a means of connection have different versions/models, namely  -F, -G or –H. The specific purpose and capabilities of these sensors would depend on their respective versions. You can find out what your version is by the last letter of the product series name of your device, i.e. – RSMFF-3 is –F version of the RSMF -3 series of multifunctional room sensors, while RCMFH-3 is –H version of the RCMF -3 series of multifunctional room smart sensors (controllers) and DPS-G-2K0 -2 is the –G series of the DPS series of differential pressure sensors. 
The terminal block connections are the common feature of the three product versions. 
If you are wondering what the difference between the above-mentioned product versions is, click on this link.sensistant configuration set with cables for F, G and H product versions

Why choose this configuration solution?
In the first place, because it is convenient, compact and easy. What is more, the SENSISTANT-SET-F is ready to use right out of the box, on site. You neither need a computer to connect to your devices or any other complicated and time-consuming actions in order to manage the settings nor you have to install software or use Modbus converter. You do not even need internet access - just connect the device and adjust its parameters using this compact tool and its accessories. 

How does it work?

Having connected SENSISTANT to the Sentera product you want to configure via Modbus RTU, SENSITANT will automatically recognize the device when you tap on the ‘Scan’ button. Once the scan is complete, the name of the connected Sentera device should appear on the screen of your SENSISTANT device. Then, you will be offered the choice to open the input or the holding registers.
The input registers are “read-only”, i.e. they are intended for monitoring purposes and show the status of the device and the currently measured HVAC parameters, while the holding registers are “read-and-write”, i.e. they are used to adjust the parameters of the connected device. 

The SENSISTANT software is quite intuitive, so configuring the devices is extremely simple and does not require any previous knowledge of the application. 
The Modbus register map offers a complete overview of all the parameters of the connected device. It can be downloaded from our website.
how to connect and configure products using Sensistant

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