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RDPU - Remote Domestic Processing Unit

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Product description

The RDPUM is engineered for unparalleled performance in a multitude of applications. From indoor climate monitoring over condensation prevention to HVAC home control. Choose from the available application specific firmware and upload it on the RDPUM. Navigate through its features via a 5” multitouch capacitive TFT-LCD display, providing an intuitive and interactive user experience.

The integrated Modbus RTU communication enables seamless connectivity for up to 247 HVAC sensors and/or fan speed controllers. The device is equipped with six RJ45 Power over Modbus sockets, ensuring both Modbus RTU data and power supply are efficiently distributed through a single cable. This simplifies the setup of your HVAC application network, utilizing standard UTP cables.

Additional specifications and description

Universal HVAC controller 
RDPU stands for Remote Domestic Processing Unit. It is a universal HVAC controller that requires firmware for a specific application. The firmware determines the functionality of this HVAC controller. Different firmware versions are available for downloading via the SenteraWeb cloud platform. Connect all devices, select your solution and download the firmware via the Sentera internet gateway.
5-inch touchscreen RDPU with sensor in a hospital
The user interacts with this graphical user interface via a 5-inch multi-touch capacitive TFT-LCD display. Thanks to the built-in Modbus RTU communication, various HVAC sensors and / or fan speed controllers can be connected to this device via a simple RJ45 connector. Both Modbus RTU communication and 24 Volt supply are distributed via the RJ45 connectors. We call it PoM or Power over Modbus.

Why PoM power supply? 
Modbus RTU communication and 24 VDC power supply are connected via one UTP cable - we call it Power over Modbus (PoM). Information between the connected devices is distributed via Modbus RTU communication. The Modbus RTU protocol (language) is distributed via RS485 technology. The use of 24 VDC Power over Modbus (PoM) supply in HVAC systems, particularly with Modbus communication protocols, offers several advantages that contribute to the efficiency, safety, and reliability of the overall installation, namely:
- Simplified wiring: PoM consolidates both Modbus RTU communication and power supply into a single UTP cable. This significantly simplifies the wiring structure, making the installation process more straightforward for HVAC professionals.
- Reduced cable clutter: Combining power and communication into a single cable reduces the overall number of cables needed in the installation. This minimizes the potential for errors during installation.
- RJ45 connectors for ease of use: The use of RJ45 connectors is commonly associated with Ethernet connections. HVAC professionals are accustomed to working with RJ45 connectors, further simplifying the installation process. The use of 24 VDC in HVAC systems has become an industry standard. Many HVAC components and devices are designed to operate optimally with this voltage, ensuring compatibility and reducing the risk of operational issues.
- Protection features: Sentera's 24 VDC power supplies with RJ45 connectors often come equipped with protective features such as short circuit protection, overload protection, and overvoltage protection. These features enhance the safety and reliability of the entire HVAC system.
- Interference resistance: The Modbus RTU communication protocol, distributed via RS485 technology, ensures robust and interference-resistant communication. This is crucial in HVAC environments where electronic noise and interference may be present.
- Enhanced safety and reliability: The 24 VDC supply voltage not only powers connected devices efficiently but also contributes to the safety and reliability of the entire HVAC installation. A stable power supply is essential for the consistent and optimal performance of sensors, controllers and other connected devices.

How to do the wiring?
We advise on crimping your own UTP cables using RJ45 connectors. Of course, you can buy cables with moulded RJ45 cases, however, these make the connectors larger and more difficult to handle, while crimping the cables on your own does not require much effort and is done using everyday tools. If you hesitate on how to do so, please watch our video tutorial

how to monitor indoor air quality


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Дуже зручний контролер, швидко підключаеється, бачить всі пристрої, купували у комплекті з модулем DDACM-03
Modern design, allowing perfect integration into any interior. With add frame the installing is easy and without any risk to damage the device. With this device I can monitored and adjusted my air fresh from one place.
È stato molto facile da configurare e utilizzare e l'interfaccia è molto intuitiva. Ora posso avere il controllo completo della temperatura della mia casa e posso regolarla come voglio.
Puikus grafinis pultelis, prijungiau prie jo kelis jutiklius, visus juos matau ir galiu keisti jų parametrus.
Zeer gebruiksvriendelijke interface, mooi design. Héél tevreden, samen met configuratie op de webapplicatie. Vanaf nu kunnen we alles perfect monitoren in onze fabriek.
Benny Van Moeseke
Dank je voor de review en veel plezier met de RDPUM en SenteraWeb.
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