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Modbus output module | 2 relay outputs

Article code DRM-M-02
GTIN 0.540.100.301.872.9
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Product description

The DRM-M-02 are relay output modules for Modbus networks. They are equipped with 2 C/O relays with a normally open and normally closed contact.

The relay status can be controlled via the Modbus RTU registers. Each relay has a switching capacity of 5 A (resistive) at a voltage of 220 VDC / 250 VAC.

The device is designed for mounting on a DIN rail and is powered with 24 VDC, Power over Modbus via an RJ45 connection for both Modbus RTU data exchange and supply voltage running over one UTP cable.

Additional specifications and description

The DRM series 
This series of relay output modules are controlled using Modbus RTU protocol. The Modbus RTU protocol is a widely used and popular communication protocol in industrial control systems. It is commonly employed for connecting various devices, such as sensors, actuators, and I/O modules.
These Modbus RTU output modules are available with 2 or 4 relays. This one features two relay outputs. They are controlled by a Modbus master device or a BMS system through a Modbus communication interface that makes the module quite easy to use. Due to its fast communication and data transmission allowing for quick response times and high-speed communication between devices, stability, reliability and safety, the DRM is an excellent choice for industrial control equipment.

realay output Modbus modules
How the module works
DRM is a Modbus output module featuring relay contacts that are mechanically actuated to open/close by a magnetic force to switch signals, currents and voltages ON or OFF. These relays can be switched by writing value '1' in the corresponding Modbus Holding Registers. This can be done by a BMS system or by a Modbus master device. A complete overview of the adjustable settings and all Modbus registers can be downloaded from our website (Modbus register map). If necessary, all parameter settings can be reset to the factory default values by writing value '1' in Modbus Holding register 10. 

Two relay outputs
DRM-M-02 has two relay outputs with changeover. This type of contact has one normally open or one normally closed contact. When activated by a switch actuator or an energized relay the switch contact changes state. The maximum switching current for both relay contacts is 5 A for resistive loads. The maximum switching voltage is 220 VDC or 250 VAC.

LED indication 
The presence of two green LEDs on the RJ45 socket of the module, with specific indications, is a common industry standard, particularly for Modbus communication. The LED functionalities are: 
- Left LED (Power Indicator): This LED lights up when the module is supplied with power. It serves as a general indication that the module is receiving the necessary electrical power to function.
- Right LED (Modbus Communication Indicator): This LED illuminates when there is Modbus communication established between the module and another device on the network. It indicates that the module is actively sending or receiving Modbus messages, facilitating data exchange and communication with other devices.
These LED indicators provide valuable visual feedback about the operational status of the module, helping users monitor its power supply and Modbus communication activity at a glance.

Connecting the device is very simple. All you have to do is crimp the RJ45 cable for connecting to Modbus RTU and plug it into the socket, while the wires are connected to the device without the need to disassemble the unit. That is all about it, it is meant to be easy, no special tools needed!

DIN rail mounted 
This module is DIN rail mounted inside an electric cabinet. DIN rail electronics have been around for a long time and are becoming increasingly popular in industrial applications across a wide range of industries. Installation is very simple – just mount the device onto the rail and lock it using the pin at the bottom of the device. The ingress protection rating of the enclosure is IP30 – protected from dirt and dust. What is more, to ensure the long service life and reliability of the product, its enclosure is designed and manufactured in-house using high-quality PC-ABS plastic blend combining toughness and heat-resistance offered by PC with the ductility and processability offered by ABS.

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