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HVAC controller for EC fans | Wi-Fi gateway

Article code ECMF8-AO -WF
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Category HVAC controller for EC fans
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Product description

The ECMF8-AO –WF HVAC controller is a sophisticated solution for precise control of EC fans in ventilation systems. This controller has two 0-10 Volt outputs, enabling seamless regulation of EC fan operations. The 2 tacho inputs allow for real-time feedback from the EC fans, ensuring optimal performance. The controller operates within a voltage range of 85-264 VAC. Customized firmware is a crucial aspect, and with SenteraWeb – your dedicated HVAC cloud platform – users can effortlessly download application-specific firmware. This ensures the ECMF8-AO –WF is tailored to your unique requirements.

Connectivity is a key feature of the ECMF8-AO –WF. Through Modbus RTU communication, HVAC sensors and potentiometers can easily interface with the controller. The Modbus capability extends to two analogue inputs, providing flexibility in integrating various components into the system. Moreover, an integrated 24 VDC power supply simplifies the connection of external HVAC sensors or potentiometers.

For seamless integration into SenteraWeb, a Wifi internet gateway is built into the ECMF8-AO –WF controller. This gateway facilitates firmware downloads, enabling the ECMF8-AO –WF to operate either independently or in conjunction with the cloud platform. The process is streamlined, emphasizing efficiency and user-friendly operation.

The ECMF8 series requires application-specific firmware, available for download via SenteraWeb. This personalized approach ensures that the controller aligns precisely with your HVAC needs. Select from a range of specific firmware versions tailored to common HVAC applications, such as destratification control with EC fans. Navigating our website solution page simplifies the firmware selection process. Downloading and implementing application-specific firmware has never been more straightforward. No programming is necessary, making the ECMF8-AO –WF a user-friendly choice for HVAC professionals.

Additional specifications and description

Application specific firmware
ECMF8 controllers require application specific firmware. This firmware can be downloaded via SenteraWeb - your personal HVAC cloud platform. This controller has an integrated internet gateway that can be connected via Wi-Fi. Once the firmware is downloaded, the ECMF8 controller can work standalone or it can stay connected to SenteraWeb.
Destratification controllerAs standard, all of the product versions feature Modbus RTU for simplified control and monitoring, whilst this particular version with incorporated Sentera Internet Gateway can be used to control your HVAC system remotely, providing the capability to control and monitor it from virtually anywhere in the world.

EC fan speed control
The importance of HVAC systems has increased when it comes to heating or cooling large office, public, industrial or residential buildings. Rapid air movement from one place to another is highly needed to maintain a cooling and heating system simultaneously within an HVAC system. Good old AC motors were widely used to maintain air driving force, but due to their disadvantage of running only on full power, they are not the better choice nowadays. Replacing AC motors with advanced EC motors is makes sense due to their numerous advantages, namely no buzzing and humming, precise environmental control, cheaper to run and, last but not least, better yield. 
The ECMF8 has been developed with this idea in mind – to control EC fans in a variety of applications.

Different functionalities 
We offer a limited number of specific firmware versions for typical HVAC applications (e.g. destratification control with EC fans). The device can be used for ventilation control according to sensor measurements and to run according to defined downloadable functionalities (solutions) and run times (schedules), to be able to switch, stage or combine outputs or to be used as a simple air handling or air curtain controller. 
First, select the required functionality via our website solution tab, then download the application specific firmware. If necessary, it is possible to adjust some settings via the Modbus Holding registers. No programming is required!
Inputs and outputs
This controller has two analogue outputs to control EC fans. All product version can control more than one EC fan and/or variable frequency drive via the two analogue outputs, which is why we call them “dual”. 
They also feature tacho inputs for better motor control. The tacho signal of the EC fans (if available) can be read out to check the status of the fans and to monitor fan speed. 
External HVAC sensors or potentiometers can be connected via Modbus RTU communication or via the analogue inputs. The integrated 24 VDC power supply (Power over Modbus) to connect external sensors or potentiometers without the need of a special supply module. The 24 Volt supply and Modbus communication can be combined via one cable - we call it Power over Modbus or PoM. The analogue input or output type and all other settings can be adjusted via the Modbus Holding registers.

Solid enclosure
The enclosure of the ECMF8 is designed for indoor use and can be installed on a flat surface. It is important to ensure that the location where it is installed allows for sufficient cooling to prevent overheating. This helps maintain optimal operating conditions and prolongs the life of the controller.
The enclosure is manufactured in house and is constructed from high-quality r-ABS VO (UL94) plastic. The type of plastic used possesses flame-extinguishing properties, toughness, and resistance to impacts. The enclosure offers an IP54 protection rating.


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EC fanı tam istediğim gibi uzaktan kontrol etmeme izin vermesi benim tercihimdeki temel kıstas oldu çok kullanışlı bir ürün.
Ideální regulátor otáček EC ventilátoru, který má všechny potřebné funkce, jak pro správný a bezpečný chod ventilátoru, tak pro snadné a pohodlné dálkové ovládání.
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