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Grow room climate control | fan and heater control | 3 A

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Product description

Elevate your cultivation game with the GTEE1-30-DT, a robust grow room climate controller boasting a 3A capacity.

This pre-wired marvel efficiently manages supply and extraction fans, along with a 16A (3.5 kW) electric heater.
The integrated PT500 temperature probe ensures precise climate control within a customizable range of 5-35 °C.
Featuring TRIAC technology, fan speed regulation is silent and energy-efficient. The three Schuko Euro sockets provide convenient connectivity for your fan and heater setup.

Trust in plug-and-play simplicity—no wiring needed. Enhance your plant's health, growth, and yield while reducing energy costs.

Additional specifications and description

The benefits of greenhouse ventilation
To keep the temperature the same throughout the greenhouse, a good air distribution in the space is very important. This will prevent growth differences in the crop due to a greenhouse climate that is too hot or too cold. Among other things, greenhouse heating and ventilation systems ensure the movement of air in the greenhouse and are important for an optimal greenhouse climate. 
Horticulture ventilation control helps you to give your garden the perfect environment suited to its needs, which will in turn result in an enhanced yield.
If your grow room gets stuffy, it might be time for ventilation. If it is chilly, it needs heating. Without the right climate conditioning, your growing space can quickly become harmful to plants. How about an all-in-one device doing both? This what the GTEE electronic fan speed controller is all about. 
Based on years of research and development in the HVAC industry and thanks to understanding our customer’s needs we developed this controlled that is temperature based and especially designed for plant premises.
Grow room controller with three sockets and  three potentiometers
The results

As a result of climate control in your grow room you will achieve less moulds and diseases, greater plant growth, enhanced crop quality and yield and reduced energy costs.

Why this controller
Without proper cooling your plants are at risk of becoming sick, if they are cold, this has unfavourable effect on the yield. Our controller features supply and extraction fan and heater control. On top of that it is pre-wired!

When it comes to connecting other devices to the controller and connecting it to the mains automatically, we mean it. The GTEE features two standard 1,5 m long supply cables and three sockets for connecting an extracting fan, supply fan and a heater. What is more, the PT500 temperature probe with 4 m lead and quite a wide operating measurement range is included in the set and, naturally, connected. No wiring needed, no disassembling the device in order to connect it! When the ambient temperature exceeds the desired setpoint, fan speed increases and the heater is disabled. When the ambient temperature drops below the setpoint, the fans run at low speed (can be set to 0) and the heater is enabled. The temperature setpoint can be adjusted in the range between 5 and 35 °C.

Reliable AC fan speed control
This controller is intended for AC fans and control is realised via reducing the motor voltage. AC motors run on an alternating current and convert alternating current into mechanical power. This means that the series is suitable only for voltage controllable motors. If you are not sure about your motor type, we strongly advise you to read carefully its accompanying documentation or contact the motor manufacturer.

Solid enclosure
The industrial type of enclosure is made of high-quality R-ABS, UL94-V0 plastic. This material is flame retardant and provides good protection against impacts – IP54. It can be wall-mounted indoors. The plastic part of the enclosure is attached to a metal plate making wall mounting even easier using simple hooks or wall plugs, for example. 

Besides being a solid and reliable control solution, the GTEE controller does not require any maintenance. Everything is internally connected and in case of faulty fans or heater, these can simply be unplugged in order to have the new ones plugged in. Since it is a simplified control solution all setting are done using the built-in potentiometers

Remarks, reviews & ratings

Labai patiko, kad ir elektrinį šildytuvą dar valdo aš ūkiniame pastate naudoju, labai patenkintas.
Świetne rozwiązanie. Wszystko podłączone, wszystko gotowe, wystarczy podłączyć wentylatory, grzałkę do gniazdka i podłączyć regulator do prądu i można z niego korzystać, bardzo wygodnie!
Ar gali būti geriau? Viskas pajungta viskas paruošta tik į rozetę jungi ventiliatorius, šildytuvą ir prie maitinimo prijungi reguliatorių ir gali naudotis, laaabai patogu!
Zatím testujeme, ale vše vypadá dobře. Chtěl bych se zeptat, jakou míru vlhkosti tento regulátor zvládne? Předem děkuji za odpověď.
Jitka Benešová
Dobrý den, pane Novotný, děkujeme za Váš dotaz. Naše regulátory GTEE zvládnou pracovat ve vlhkosti v rozmezí 5-85 %. Zároveň je ale důležité si také hlídat teplotu daných prostor, protože naše regulátory jsou vhodné pouze do nekondenzujících podmínek.
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