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Metal probe, integrated electrical cable

Flying lead temperature probe | PT100 | unshielded cable | 1 m

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Product description

This is a passive temperature probe. It measures temperature via a PT100. The platinum sensor element is resin encapsulated in a stainless steel tube (53 x 8 mm). This temperature probe has a positive temperature coefficient of resistance: when the temperature rises, the resistance rises. At 0 °C, the resistance is 100 Ω. The integrated cable has a length of 1 m. It is unshielded and has 2 twisted wires (2 x 0,5 mm²).

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Passive temperature probes
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Additional specifications and description

How does it work?
This temperature probe measures ambient temperature via a platinum element (PT100). This sensor element has an electrical resistance of 100 ohms at 0 °C. It has a positive temperature coefficient. This means that the resistance increases when the ambient temperature increases. Any device with an input for 'PT100 passive temperature sensors' can read out the measured temperature.
How to connect?
This temperature sensor has an integrated cable. This unshielded 2-wire cable has a length of 1 m. The wires have a cross section of 0,5 mm². If necessary, this cable can be extended. The longer the cable length, the higher the influence of the resistance of the cable on the measurement readout. This sensor doesn't require a separate power supply.
Stainless steel tube, resin encapsulated
The platinum sensor element is resin encapsulated in a stainless steel tube (53 x 8 mm). It offers an IP65 protection degree against ingress of dirt and water.  

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