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Emergency stop push button

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Article code BUTEMSTM01
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Category Switches and contactors
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Product description

This is an emergency stop push button. It is mechanically latched. It can be turned to reset. It has one NC contact. The rated current is 3 A. The contact can be connected via screw clamp terminals. This push button can stop machinery quickly when there is a risk of injury. It can be panel mounted. The mounting diameter is 22 mm. The red mushroom button has a diameter of 40 mm.

Additional specifications and description

How does it work?
When the emergency push button is activated, the Normally Closed contact opens and stops the electrical current. To reset or to close the contact again, the push button needs to be turned. After this reset, the contact closes and power is restored. This button is one of the components of the SER-1 fan speed controllers. In this application, it is used for smoke extraction. When the emergency button is activated, the fan accelerates towards full speed to extract smoke.

Slow-break contact
The Normally Closed contact can be connected via screw clamp terminals. The rated current is 3 A (240 V AC-15 A600 EN/IEC 60947-5-1).

Panel mounting
This emergency push button can be mounted in a panel. The mounting diameter is 22 mm. It has an IP66 protection against ingress of dust and water.

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