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Ceiling fan speed controller

Article code ECA-1-10-AC
GTIN 0.540.100.300.217.9
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Category 3-step control switch for single phase motors
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Product description

Introducing the ECA-1-10-AC, a state-of-the-art 4-speed ceiling fan controller with an OFF position, meticulously designed to elevate your comfort and energy efficiency. This capacitor regulator is a game-changer for single-phase motors, offering precise control over your ceiling fan's speed with four distinct settings. Whether you're looking to create a gentle breeze or enhance air circulation, the ECA-1-10-AC is your go-to solution.

Designed for optimal performance, this regulator boasts a maximum current handling capacity of 1 A or a maximum power output of 150 W, ensuring compatibility with a variety of ceiling fan models. The 230 VAC supply voltage provides the necessary power for seamless operation. What sets the ECA-1-10-AC apart is its versatile enclosure, allowing for both inset mounting (IP44) and surface mounting (IP54). This flexibility not only caters to diverse installation preferences but also ensures durability and resilience against environmental factors.

Upgrade your living space with the ECA-1-10-AC, where cutting-edge technology meets user-friendly design. Experience the perfect balance of style and functionality as you take command of your ceiling fan's performance. With its innovative features and adaptable mounting options, this regulator is not just a device; it's a lifestyle enhancement. Discover the future of ceiling fan control with the ECA-1-10-AC.

Additional specifications and description

Ceiling fans are a useful addition to any enclosed space. They help cool down the room during the warm months and circulate warm air during the cold months, which makes them energy-efficient and cost-effective. The principle behind the operation of a ceiling fan is based on the concept of air movement.
When the ceiling fan is switched on, the motor powers the blades to rotate in a circular motion. As the blades rotate, they create a flow of air that goes downwards to the floor. This flow of air creates a cooling effect on the skin, helping to lower the perceived temperature in the room.
The motor being the heart of the ceiling fan and is responsible for driving the rotation of the fan blades, converting electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Why use a controller for ceiling fans?
A controller for ceiling fans allows you to control a ceiling fan's operation. These controllers can enhance the convenience and functionality of ceiling fans in your home or office. The purpose of such a controller is to extend the service life of the fan while providing comfort
 Ceiling fan
Capacitor fan speed regulator
This 4-speed control switch (controller) is designed for ceiling fans. By changing the position of the knob, the internal capacitance changes. When the capacitance increases, the voltage across the capacitor decreases but that across the fan motor increases. Accordingly, the speed of the fan increases.
These manually operated wall-mounted switches are a practical and reliable way to control your ceiling fan without the need for a remote control or pull chains. They are especially useful when you want a fixed and easily accessible control point for your fan's settings.
Unrivalled ease of installation
Our wall-mounted controllers are typically installed on the wall just like a standard light switch. They are manually operated and extremely easy to connect.

The series is developed to control fans with AC motors via reducing the motor voltage. An AC fans run on an alternating current and convert alternating current into mechanical power. These controllers reduce the voltage to the motor via phase angle control. Therefore, the ECA controllers are suitable only for voltage controllable motors. Several motors can be connected to the controller as long as the current limit is not exceeded. In this case all motors will run at the same speed. If you are not sure about your motor type, we strongly advise you to read carefully its accompanying documentation or contact the motor manufacturer.

Two-in-one enclosure
The enclosure of the controller is made of high-quality ASA plastic in a nice colour. This material is UV resistant and protects the electronics against ingress of dust, dirt and water splashes. But before all, it features both flush and surface mounting, thanks to which you can install the controllers in any kind of wall. The protection class is IP44 for flush mounting and IP54 for surface mounting. If you opt for the flush mounted option, the mounting holes fit perfectly the standard European wall boxes. Cleaning the controller is very easy using only a damp cloth.


Remarks, reviews & ratings

Savo namuose lubinį ventiliatorių valdau šiuo reguliatoriumi, nu vienas malonumas. Jei turite tik įjungtas ir išjungtas ventiliatorius, tai nėra ko lyginti kai turi galimybę valdyti ventiliatorių, pas mus net naktį ventiliatorius sukasi mažu greičiu.
Montavome ofisuose, labai geras sprendimas kad galima valdyti greičius nuo mažo iki didelio arba nuo didelio iki mažo, puikus sprendimas.
Dobry przełacznik biegów do wentylatorów sufitowych, funkcjonalna , ładna obudowa, łatwy i szybki montaż
Dabar ne vien maksimaliu greičiu veiks lubinis ventiliatorius, bet dabar ir naktimis galėsiu vėdintis.
We bought it for an old ceiling fan only because the design of the fan matches the interior style. Now the fan works really well and we installed the controller into an old hole for a light switch. Looks very nice and discrete, also matches the style of the house.
We love our old ceiling fan design, so we had it repaired and needed a controller for it. We chose this one because it matches our classic furniture. We hid it in the hole of an old light switch and it looks nice. The fan works very well.
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