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Autotransformer 230 VAC | 20 A

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Product description

An autotransformer is a type of electrical transformer that consists of a single winding and can be used to decrease the voltage level. It is designed to handle an input voltage of 230 VAC and can deliver an output current of up to 20 A. This specific rating is commonly used in various applications, such as voltage conversion, voltage stabilization, motor control (in various industrial processes) or testing and calibration of electronic equipment. The autotransformer efficiently adjusts the voltage to meet the needs of connected devices.

This high quality auto-transformer has robust mounting brackets that simplify switchboard mounting. To reduce noise and prevent corrosion, it is encapsulated in resin. There are eight voltage taps available on this single-coil transformer: 0-80-100-120-150-170-190-230 VAC. The screw terminal block can be used to connect it.

Its compact design and lightweight compared to dual-winding transformers make it ideal for applications with limited space. Additionally, it has fewer windings, which increases its voltage transformation efficiency.

Additional specifications and description

How does it work? Diagram Autotransformer
Autotransformers have one winding acting as both primary and secondary that is magnetically and electrically connected with taps for electrical connections. They are used where electrical systems have different voltages. So, autotransformers consist of a single winding and an input and an output circuits. The voltage source and the load are connected to two of the taps. One tap at the end of the winding serves as a common connection to the source and the load circuits.
Autotransformers operate like any other form of transformer where the primary current induces a varying current in the secondary winding according to the ratio of the turns in the windings. The secondary winding is tapped along its winding to allow output to be varied in different steps and percentages.
So, the 230 V (primary voltage) is applied to both end terminals. The secondary voltage is taken from two terminals, one terminal of which is in common with a primary voltage terminal.
The autotransformer is the most widespread method of reducing the supply voltage to a fan motor. This technology is very reliable and minimize motor hum and buzz and electromagnetic emissions which would upset sensitive electronic equipment. 
Typical applications
Sentera’s autotransformers are integrated in Sentera’s transformer-based fan speed controllers. They control AC fans in steps by reducing the motor voltage. Autotransformers can also be used in other applications that require a voltage reduction.
Autotransformers can be used as a safety device to protect users and equipment. Safety is a great major concern when dealing with electricity due to the fact that using voltage that is too high or low can cause adverse problems. Excessive voltage causes a device to fail or be destroyed. In severe cases, high voltage can lead to fires and electric shock, while low voltage can cause a device to underperform. Electric transformers configure the dispensing of voltage so that it is appropriate for the receiving device.
The ATR-1  series of autotransformers serve the purpose of airflow control in single-phase fan motors controlled by voltage. They are an open version, designed for installation in industrial ventilation or heating systems. The series feature eight output voltages and the secondary side and are intended for switchboard mounting and have robust mounting brackets. The maximum admissible temperature is 155 °C and the maximum ambient operating temperature is 35 °C.
When choosing a transformer, it is important to know the maximum current intensity consumption. The given intensity can be taken from every tapping.

Superb quality
Sentera has its own production line for autotransformers. We only use the best quality raw materials and we work together with reliable suppliers. To minimise the typical humming noise of transformers, we apply a full varnish impregnation. All this guarantees autotransformers of unrivalled quality.
Easy to install
This autotransformer can be installed in an electric cabinet. It can be connected via the terminal block with screws. The screw terminals provide a secure and reliable connection, ensuring that wires are firmly held in place. To prevent accidental contact with live wiring, they are fingerproof. Also, they are compatible with a variety of wire sizes and types and are designed to withstand environmental factors common in HVAC systems, such as temperature fluctuations and vibrations. 
Their compact design offers an IP20 protection rating against ingress of dust to add an extra layer of safety by enclosing the live electrical components.

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Na, ne visur galima rasti 20 A autotransformatorių, bet čia radau, ačiū jums.
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