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Coil in metal frame with two terminal blocks

Autotransformer 230 VAC | 13 A

Product description

High quality 230 V autotransformer with compact design. The maximum current is 13 A. The robust mounting brackets simplify switchboard mounting. It is resin encapsulated to minimise the noise and to protect it against corrosion. The input voltage is 230 VAC. It can be connected via the screw terminal block. There are eigth voltage taps available: 0-80-100-120-150-170-190-230 VAC.

Article code ATR-1130L25
GTIN 0.540.100.300.012.0
Category 230 VAC Autotransformers
Current stock 3 U.
Factory lead time 4 Week(s)

Additional specifications and description

How does it work?
An autotransformer is an electrical transformer with only one winding. It has a single winding with two end terminals and one or more terminals at intermediate tap points. The 230 V (primary voltage) is applied to both end terminals. The secondary voltage is taken from two terminals, one terminal of which is usually in common with a primary voltage terminal.

Typical applications
Autotransformers are integrated in Sentera transformer fan speed controllers. They control AC fans in steps by reducing the motor voltage. Autotranformers can also be used in other applications that require a voltage reduction.

Superb quality
Sentera has its own production line for autotransformers. We only use the best quality raw materials and we work together with reliable suppliers. To minimise the typical humming noise of transformers, we apply a special impregnated coating. All this guarantees autotransformers of unrivalled quality.

Easy to install
This autotransformer can be installed in an electric cabinet. It can be connected via the terminal block with screws. It has an IP20 protection against ingress of dust.