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Alarm signalling unit | flush mounting, 24 VDC

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Article code ALBFF
GTIN 0.540.100.301.860.6
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Category Alarm and monitoring tools
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Factory lead time 5 Week(s)

Product description

This is a flush-mounted HVAC alarm module, capable of producing both audible alerts through a buzzer and visual indications using green, yellow and red LEDs.

It can be controlled via Modbus RTU communication.

The unit needs a 24 VDC power supply and is deployed to signal the condition of HVAC systems located in difficult to reach locations.

The alarm enclosure is two-in-one and allows both surface and flush mounting. It provides IP30 protection against dust ingress.

Additional specifications and description

Is the HVAC system working properly?
The ALFBF is engineered to produce visual and audible alerts, utilizing green, yellow and red LEDs and a piezo buzzer to signify the status of ventilation and HVAC installations. This unit is particularly valuable when HVAC systems are situated in locations where access is difficult. By utilizing this alarm module, you can verify the operational status of your ventilation system and promptly identify any arising potential issues.

Unmatched simplicity when it comes to installation 
This visual and sound alarm module is suitable for both inset and surface mounting, making it adaptable to various wall types, including brick walls, drywall or wood panels. Its mounting holes fit perfectly with European standard circular back boxes for hollow walls designed for inset mounting. This eliminates the need to choose from separate product versions as it features an all-in-one enclosure. The choice is yours – whether to discreetly embed the module within the wall or mount it on the surface. All you may need are a couple of everyday tools, such as screwdrivers and pliers, along with some basic knowledge and practical skills. HVAC alarm with buzzer

Streamlined wiring 
The unit incorporates spring clamp terminal blocks, offering a time-saving alternative to the commonly used screw clamp terminal blocks. These terminal blocks utilize spring-loaded clamps to firmly secure wires in place. You can insert wires directly into the terminal by exerting downward pressure on the spring-loaded clamp with a flathead screwdriver. This clamp securely holds the wire, establishing a robust electrical connection. These terminal blocks expedite wire installation and ensure a strong, dependable electrical connection thanks to the spring mechanism, which maintains constant pressure on the wire, preventing any risk of it coming loose. This approach not only simplifies the installation process but also guarantees a more trustworthy electrical wiring.

Product versions 
It's important to note that this is the -F version of the ALFB product series, meaning it is not suitable for 3-wire connections. Minimum wires are required to connect -F type articles. On the other hand, the -G version of Sentera products is designed for 3-wire connections and features a 'common ground.' Therefore, -G and -F types should not be used together on the same network. Additionally, never connect the common ground of -G type articles to other devices powered by a DC voltage, as this could result in permanent damage to the connected devices. Sentera's -F article versions are supplied with 18-34 VDC, a reliable standard range often chosen in industrial and commercial settings due to its stable and consistent power supply, safety benefits, and reduced risk of voltage-related issues.
We advise on powering this using Sentera's specially developed power supply modules.

There is very little configuration needed for this module. Once installed, it is ready to use. The majority of applications will be compatible with the other default settings. However, if necessary, they can also be changed using Modbus RTU communication. Only if the alarm module uses Modbus RTU for setting and monitoring will you get hold of its complete set of features. You can download Sentera's 3SModbus software from our website for free or connect to SenteraWeb for the full set of options. 

Enclosure IP
The enclosure provides IP30 protection against dust and moisture. It must be shielded from direct sunlight for optimum performance. 

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