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Alarm signalling unit | flush mounting, 24 VAC - VDC

Article code ALBFG
GTIN 0.540.100.301.861.3
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Category Alarm and monitoring tools
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Factory lead time 5 Week(s)

Product description

This flush-mountable HVAC alarm unit is designed to provide both audible and visual notifications. It features a buzzer for generating audible alerts and LED indicators in green, yellow and red for visual notifications.

The alarm unit can be controlled via Modbus RTU communication, enabling seamless integration with other devices and systems. Both 24 VAC and 24 VDC supply voltages can power the unit.

It offers a two-in-one design, i.e. its enclosure can be both surface and flush mounted. Its ingress protection rating is IP30.

Additional specifications and description

Is the ventilation system currently operational?
The ALFBG alarm module is specifically designed to provide visual as well as sound notifications for monitoring the condition of ventilation systems or HVAC installations. It utilizes green, yellow and red LEDs to convey the visual notifications and a buzzer with different modes for the audible signals. This unit proves particularly beneficial when HVAC systems are installed in hard-to-reach locations. By using this alarm module, you can easily confirm the operational status of your ventilation system and promptly detect any potential issues.

Simple installation 
The ALFBG visual and audible alarm module offers effortless installation, making it a versatile choice for various wall types, including solid brick walls, plasterboard or wood panels, thanks to its enclosure design. The mounting holes align perfectly with round European type wall boxes commonly used for inset mounting, eliminating the need for separate product versions as it features a double purpose enclosure. You have the flexibility to discreetly place the module within the wall or mount it on any surface. The installation process requires tools we all have at home like screwdrivers and pliers, along with basic know-how and dexterity.alarm module mounting in a wall

Streamlined wiring
The design of the unit simplifies the wiring process by incorporating spring clamp terminal blocks, which provide a time-saver alternative to the commonly used screw clamp terminal blocks. The spring-loaded clamps securely grip the wires, allowing you to insert them directly into the terminal by applying downward pressure on the spring-loaded clamp, typically using a flathead screwdriver. This clamp ensures a strong and reliable electrical connection by maintaining consistent pressure on the wire, preventing any risk of it coming loose. This approach simplifies the installation process and guarantees a trustworthy electrical connection.

ALFB alatm module in a resaurant
Article versions
In the standard configuration, Sentera products labeled with the "-G" version are designed for a 3-wire connection and include a 'common ground' feature. It is important to note that Sentera's "-G" and "-F" type articles should not be used together on the same network. Connecting the common ground of "-G" type articles to other devices powered by a DC voltage can potentially result in permanent damage to the connected devices.

Dual voltage capability
The ALFBG alarm module is compatible with both 24 VAC and 24 VDC supply voltage. This dual voltage capability provides adaptability, compatibility, and flexibility, making it suitable for various applications and ensuring reliable and efficient operation in different scenarios. Additionally, in international applications or markets with varying power standards, having dual voltage capability simplifies compatibility and compliance with local regulations. Depending on the specific equipment and application, one voltage type may be more energy-efficient than the other one, allowing you to choose the most efficient option.

Power supply module
For best results, the ALFBG alarm module can be supplied using Sentera's power supply modules. These modules are designed to work seamlessly with the alarm module, ensuring proper power delivery and performance.

Minimal configuration is required for this module. Once it's installed, it's good to go. Most applications will work seamlessly with the default settings. Nevertheless, if needed, adjustments can also be made through Modbus RTU communication.

Enclosure ingress protection (IP)
The enclosure offers IP30 protection against dust and moisture. To ensure its long service life, it should be shielded from direct sunlight.

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Eenvoudig om in te bouwen. Goed product. Het is wel even verschieten als het alarm plots afgaat, wat uiteindelijk wel de bedoeling is...
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