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What is the maximum current in a PoM network?

Sentera developed the concept Power over Modbus or PoM to interconnect Sentera products. The PoM concept means that Modbus data communication and 24 Volt supply voltage are distributed via one single UTP cable. Many Sentera products feature an RJ45 socket to simplify connection.
The PoM concept reduces the risk of data losses due to disturbances. When Sentera products are interconnected via PoM technology, the combined branch lenghts become less critical compared to a standard Modbus network. More and longer branches can be added to the network before disturbances and data losses will occur.  
Of course there are limitations. One is the maximum current allowed to flow through an RJ45 connector. Therefore larger networks containing many devices, must be split into different segments. For each segment, the total current consumption must remain limited to 1,5 A maximum.
If the maximum current limit is exceeded, a new segment can be created via a Modbus repeater. Up to 1.5 A current can also be distributed in that second segment. For more details, please refer to our Modbus installation guidelines.
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