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What is SenteraWeb?

SenteraWeb is the online HVAC portal to log data and to monitor or control your HVAC installation.
 CO2 loggings
Via SenteraWeb, it is possible to monitor or remotely control HVAC installations via a standard browser. Data can be logged and visualised. Logged data can be downloaded. When threshold values are exceeded, you receive a notification. Via the day-week scheduler, it is possible to create different regimes for your ventilation system - e.g. day-night regime.
Receive notifications 
Both Sentera products and HVAC products from different brands can be connected. In case of doubt, contact us to check if the non-Sentera device is compatible with SenteraWeb. Firmware updates can be pushed to the connected devices for extra functionalities.
It is our philosophy to keep Sentera products and solutions easy to use. We deliver standard products. After installation, they can be connected to SenteraWeb to receive application dedicated firmware. This makes programming a 'universal' HVAC controller unnecessary. It allows our customers to configure advanced HVAC control solutions in a simple way.
A SenteraWeb installation can contain Sentera as well as non-Sentera HVAC products. Via a Sentera internet gateway, the device(s) can be connected to SenteraWeb. Multiple users and configurators can monitor or adjust the installation.
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