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How to set up an installation in SenteraWeb?

2. Click Add installation
3. Enter the serial number of your Sentera internet gateway in the field internet gateway ID
    Do not forget to type the dashes - XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
4. Complete all obligatory fields and click Submit
    Now, the internet gateway is connected to SenteraWeb.
    Next step is to add one or more devices to build up your installation.
5. Select your new installation and click Installation details
6. Click New device
7. Enter the serial number and location and click Validate
    Depending on the speed of the internet connection, this can take a while.
8. If more recent firmware is available this will be indicated via an orange button. You can simply update the firmware of your device by clicking this orange button. Once all devices are added and updated, your installation is ready.
The installation report is available via the menu structure. This report provides a clear overview of your installation and the parameter settings of the different devices.
You can choose to keep your installation connected to SenteraWeb or to remove the internet gateway and to use the installation stand alone. For connected installations, it is possible to log data and remotely monitor or adjust parameters.
For each installation, different users and configurators can be defined.
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