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How to get my Long term preferential origin declaration from Sentera?

The long term preferential origin declaration is sent automatically by our Erp system.
1. Log in to e-Commerce
2. Click My long term preferential origin declaration - the document will be automatically sent via email to the email address specified in your account. If you don't receive the email, please check your spam folder.
 Long term declaration
Long-term supplier’s declarations are one-off declarations valid for consignments over a longer period of time. They can be made out for any consignments delivered during a period up to a maximum of two years. A long-term supplier’s declaration is valid for all the goods mentioned in the supplier’s declaration that are delivered within the specified period. 
The maximum period of validity of two years of the long-term supplier’s declaration does not mean that the customer (exporter) is obliged to export the same goods within the validity period of a long term supplier's declaration. If the customer (exporter) has a long-term supplier’s declaration for goods delivered in year n, he can, for example, export the same goods in the year n + 3, provided that:
- the goods have not been altered in any way, i.e. they have not undergone any operation other than handling (unloading or reloading) or operations to ensure they are kept in good condition, and
- the supplier’s declaration must still comply with the rules of origin applicable to the free trade agreement(s) concerned.
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