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How to find a product on the website?

We offer different search possibilities on the products page of our website. The easiest way to find a product is to enter the Sentera article code in the search field and click the magnifying glass.

However, there are more than 600 different article codes on the Sentera website. Finding the right article code for your project is not always easy. That is why there are two additional ways to find a product:

- By product category - click one of the product group tiles and select subgroups until you see the desired products. 
- By using the website filters. Select the properties of the product you need. The more property filters you activate, the fewer products will appear. This way, you can simply select the product that matches your specifications.
You can find all search possiblities on our products page (1):
When logged in via e-Commerce, price (2) and availability (3) information are also available.
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