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How can I return purchased products?

Non-HVAC professionals or private persons have the right to return products that they have purchased from Sentera up to 14 days after delivery. HVAC professionals cannot return purchased products that function normally.
Before returning products, submit a claim via e-Commerce.
Sentera will reply with an RMA document (Return Merchandise Authorisation).
The buyer shall return the goods with the transport costs at his own expense within 14 days after issuing date of the RMA document.
The buyer shall return the goods preferably in their original packaging, together with all accessories, user manuals, RMA and invoice or other proof of purchase. In case the original packaging is not suited for re-use, the buyer will provide a correct and transport damage safe packaging.
The goods are supposed to have been evaluated only; when goods are altered, used or tested causing a depreciation, this right of withdrawal is voided. Such claims do not suspend the Buyer’s payment obligations.
No goods can be returned to Sentera without written permission (RMA). Such permission does not alter the terms of the Sales Agreement and conditions in any way. 
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