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How can I create my e-Commerce account?

The Sentera e-Commerce platform is available in all European countries. Everyone can create a free account on the Sentera e-Commerce platform. 

How to create your e-Commerce account:

You can create your e-Commerce account via our website: 
 1. Register
Go to www.sentera.eu and register via the e-Commerce page or via the following link: https://www.sentera.eu/en/faq/how-can-i-create-my-e-commerce-account/account/register
2. Specify your activity
Complete the registration form and specify your business. The following options are available:
           - private person
           - company with a non-HVAC related business
           - company active in the HVAC industry
3. Confirmation of your e-Commerce account
Private persons and non-HVAC companies will receive an automatic email with an activation link. Click this activation link to confirm your email address. After this confirmation, you can start using your e-Commerce account. If you did not receive the email with the activation link, please check your spam folder.
Companies active in the HVAC industry will receive an email after one of our salespeople has verified your business and has set up your discount structure in our system. Usually this takes 1 or 2 working days.
registration form
The advantages of a Sentera e-Commerce account
With an e-commerce account, you can see prices, available stock of our products, and their next delivery date. You can easily select an article and put the desired quantity in your shopping basket. When paying, you get an automatic overview of your order, the delivery address, and the invoice address. We immediately receive your order and we ship it to you as soon as possible. You can download your entire order history at any time you like.
Should you have a complaint, you can easily submit a claim in the e-commerce tab. You can also change your account details yourself.
In summary, a Sentera e-commerce account eliminates the need for excessive mailing and calling, and you can spend the time saved in other ways.
Three different account types
Anybody can make an e-commerce account by registering on our site. Private persons and companies that are not active in the HVAC business can also place orders via our e-Commerce platform.
HVAC professionals or companies that purchase or use our products on a continuous basis have specific needs. This category of customers therefore has extra options on their e-Commerce platform such as the possibility to create favorites, download a price list, etc. 

All info available online thanks to Sentera e-Commerce
Information about stock, prices and delivery times shown on the e-Commerce platform comes directly from our ErP software. The e-Commerce platform is continuously available and prevents you from having to send an email or listen to music while waiting on the phone to request prices or delivery times. At the same time, this offers us the opportunity to provide even more information on the website and to make our website more user-friendly.
Your data is secure with us.
Your privacy is a priority to Sentera and its affiliates in the Sentera Group of Companies. Sentera is committed to protect the privacy of the Users of its websites and to ensure the confidentiality of the data being transferred. Please consult our privacy policy for detailed information. This Privacy Policy sets forth Sentera data processing practices to: Manage customer relationships; Use personal data of potential customers for marketing purposes; Manage supplier - and business partner relationships; Manage the Sentera online store operations and Sentera-operated web sites (such sites collectively “Site”); Provide other online services (against a fee or as a free trial). Sentera collects and processes personal data in accordance with the applicable laws and this Policy. 
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