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Can I control multiple motors with one fan speed controller?

Yes, that is possible.
If doing so, make sure that:
- All connected motors are identical.
- The fan speed controller is selected, based on the total motor current required, by adding together the rated current of all the connected motors. The selected fan speed controller must have a maximum current rating that is equal or higher than this sum.
- Each motor should have its individual thermal overload protection.
- The motors remain permanently connected to the fan speed controller and are not individually started or stopped whilst the fan speed controller is enabled. Doing so might create unbalances.
- When using a frequency inverter: operate in V/F Mode only and apply an output filter.
In the scenario of one fan speed controller per motor, each motor can be controlled separately and run at a different speed. This is not the case when multiple motors are controlled via one fan speed controller. Secondly, running multiple motors from one fan speed controller creates the risk of one single point of failure.
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