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Air curtain control, AC voltage controllable motor: 230 VAC,

AC motor 10 A | 5-speed control for air curtain

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5-speed controller for air curtains with single-phase motors. The combined maximum motor current is 10 Amps. The air velocity can be selected via the 5-step rotary switch. In OFF position (zero), the motor is disabled. The TK monitoring function deactivates the motor in case of overheating. The digital input can be used for remote start-stop commands. After a power failure, the motor automatically restarts. The autotransformer technology generates a motor voltage with a perfect sinusoidal shape. This guarantees quiet motor operation. Only for voltage controllable motors.

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Transformer fan speed controller, 230 VAC, 10 A, 5 st., 0-(80)-110-140-170-190-230 VAC, TK, Run/Stop, surface mounting, IP54, auto restart after power failure.