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Universal HVAC controller with application dedicated firmware

Product description

DRPUM is a universal programmable controller that requires an application dedicated firmware. It features 2x RJ45 sockets - one for Power over Modbus supply and one for connecting slave devices - and 2x RJ12 sockets for slave devices. Thanks to the built-in Modbus RTU communication, various Sentera HVAC sensors and / or fan speed controllers can be controlled by this device. Via splitters, up to 247 slave devices can be connected. It features 'Power over Modbus' or PoM connection. This means that Modbus RTU communication and 24 VDC power supply can be connected via one RJ45 connector.

Article code DRPUM
GTIN 5.401.003.001.776
Category HVAC controller for DIN rail mounting
Current stock 1 U.
Factory lead time 4 Week(s)

Additional specifications and description

- PoM - 24 VDC power supply via RJ45 connector
- No programming required thanks to application specific firmware
- Up to 247 slave devices can be connected via Modbus RTU
- SD card for storing log files
- DIN rail mounted