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touchscreen in black plastic enclosure
touchscreen in black plastic enclosure
touchscreen in black plastic enclosure
touchscreen in black plastic enclosure
Black plastic enclosure with six RJ45 sockets

HVAC controller - Home Monitoring

Product description

RDPU is a universal HVAC controller. It requires an application dedicated firmware. It has a 5-inch multi-touch capacitive touchscreen. The HMU (Home Monitoring Unit) firmware visualises the measured values of the connected sensors. Up to 30 Sentera HVAC transmitters can be connected. The different devices communicate via the serial communication protocol Modbus RTU. The supply voltage is 24 VDC. All devices are connected via the 6 RJ45 sockets.

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HVAC controller with capacitive touchscreen
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Additional specifications and description

Monitor indoor air quality
This RDPU-M HVAC controller with 5-inch touchscreen is equipped with firmware to visualise the measurements of the connected HVAC sensors. That makes it the ideal tool to monitor your indoor air quality. The display visualises 4 measured values per sensor. Temperature, relative humidity, ambient light and - depending on the sensor type - CO2, TVOC (air quality) or CO. When one of the values go out of range, the value is displayed in red. This provides a central warning, next to the local warning via the sensor LED indicators (and the audible buzzer alert).
Easy to set up
Install the HMI display and connect a 24 VDC power supply. Connect a Sentera HVAC sensor. By default, sentera HVAC sensors have Modbus address 1. The connected sensor is automatically recognized and will be given a new Modbus address, different from 1. The name of the sensor can be personalised. Now, the next sensor can be connected. To facilitate wiring, Sentera 24 Volt power supplies and HVAC sensors are available with RJ45 connectors.

Video explaning how to monitor indoor climate

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