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Terminal blocks on metal frame
Terminal blocks on metal frame
Metal plates attached together with screws, terminal blocks, cupper windings

Galvanically isolated transformer 230 VAC | 24 VAC | 50 VA

Product description

230 to 24 Volt electrical transformer that offers a safe electrical isolation between the primary and secondary voltage. This safety transformer is short-circuit and overload protected with a built-in PTC in the primary winding. The primary voltage is 230 VAC. The secondary voltage is 24 VAC. Loads up to 50 VA can be connected. This safety transformer can be mounted on a panel.

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Safety transformers - 12 VAC or 24 VAC
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Additional specifications and description

Galvanic isolation
This electrical transformer can be used as a 24 Volt power supply. The primary and secondary windings offer a galvanic isolation. This means that the secondary voltage - and the powered device - are isolated from the mains. This suppresses electrical noise and it protects against electric shocks.
Short circuit and overload protection
SAT-1 series have a built-in PTC temperature probe in the primary winding. In case of excessive heating due to a short circuit or overload, it disables itself.
Resin encapsulated transformer
A special impregnated coating reduces the electrical noise from the transformer.
Surface mounting
The enclosure can be mounted on a panel. This 24 Volt power supply can be installed in an electrical cabinet.
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