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Autotransformer -L10 | 230 VAC | 1 A

Product description

This 230 V autotransformer has following voltage taps: 0-80-110-140-170-230 VAC. The maximum current is 1 A. It can be used as a spare part for some types of Sentera transformer fan speed controllers.

Article code STC-1-10L10
GTIN 0.540.100.301.498.1
Category 230 VAC Autotransformers
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Factory lead time 2 Week(s)

Additional specifications and description

Spare part for AC fan speed controllers
Autotransformers are electrical transformers with one coil and different voltage taps. Via these different voltage taps, the different reduced voltages are available. The single winding of an autotransformer acts both as primary and secondary winding simultaneously. This makes it possible to obtain a smaller and lighter construction compared to classical dual-winding transformers. Autotransformers are integrated in Sentera transformer fan speed controllers for motor speed control in steps via voltage reduction.

This autotransformer can be used as a spare part for following type of fan speed controllerSTR-1-10L10